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Dark Angel May 2014
I walk the face of earth once more,
a mindless puppet, my strings are torn.
the creaky bones, the bad eyesight,
yet the chance to turn wrong to right.
wars-a-waging, old mans guilt,
the worlds now on more then just a tilt.
parents weeping, children slain,
****** thoughts, fear will reign.
I look in the shadows, a creature did lurk,
he whispered to me, hiding a smirk.
"Thou shalt be killed if thee can't find,
the demon lurking in thou mind."
So off I ventured, to quench my thirst,
of corpses piled with hearts-a-burst.
And on that quest what did I see?

The Wicked Path Of Destiny
  May 2014 Dark Angel
You fly me up
to the sky
before you turn me down
on the very next day
Living with you
is a constant battle
between smiling, and crying
Maybe we never complete
each other like a puzzle
in the first place
Maybe we're much more like
two lost hurricanes,
destined to meet
Same chaos; same structure
Destroying -- and building --
each other at the same time

well, at least I know that
you love me just the same
as I do.
Dark Angel Dec 2013
What if I will never see you again?
If the future is fog and rain
What if we lost all we have today?
If our lives were to go astray
What if this love will hold?
If we will, together grow old.
What if we were meant to be?
If this our life’s decree
What if we are confused?
If the distance makes our love diffused
What if we gave up trying?
If life was simply too trying
What if you are the one?
If we never want for none
What if it will always be you and me?
If that is what will be and will be.
Dark Angel Dec 2013
A single moonbeam falls on her face,
like God revealing an angel.
But she is my angel;
my dark angel of the night.
Like the night itself she moves,
silence and grace in her every step.
Her midnight hair like the rippled clouds,
soft silky strands shining in the moonlight.
Dark eyes, darker than the new moon,
shine with promise of things to come.
Full lips parted in a feral grin,
her very presence touches me
deeper than a winter midnight’s chill.
My dark angel.
I close my eyes;
I am hers;
She is mine.
Dark Angel Jun 2013
I gave you my love,
Made your heart feel the love,
And yet you denied my love.
I was to love you,
You and I forever.
Say you love me,
That is all I ask.
Say you need me,
As I need you.
Say this love is,
Is the love of a life time.
You shall remorse the night
You took my love.
For I the dark angel
Want repayment with
Your blood.
I will be the voice in the wind,
The voice which will haunt
Your dreams.
The voice which will
Call to you.
You were once my
Everything, the only
Thing that had mattered.
Then my love was
Shattered, wishing you were
Once again near.
Sometimes if it seemed if
I had just dreamed again,
You would be here.
The irony of the dream
Is you never came,
But I will every night,
And haunt your desire.
You shall pay
Pay for this with blood.
I will get my fulfillment
From haunting your thoughts.
That fate which will
Condemn you to
Wallow in blood,
This fate which you
Choose that night.
The night you decide to
Behold the love I gave you
For granted.
I shall not take compassion
In you,
I will now take a diminutive
Vial of Blood!
Just a sufficient amount to make
You never awake
This dream state again.
You will pay for your sins,
Which will haunt you
For an eternity.
I shall sentence my lover,
Sentence her to death,
This is the choice you have made,
My angel.
For whichever way you
Decide you will not win.
You deceived me,
Now it is time to meet
Your destiny.
Bleed my angel,
And before long we shall unite,
Once again.
Breath deep,
Bleed fast,
Pay for your sins
And die for me.
Dark Angel May 2013
these walls i'd built for so long, so tall
crumbled beneath me and the monsters within
broke loose with a vengeance untold even in lore
and i welcomed them with open arms, for they are my own

and as they eat my heart whole, i knew one grows
one darker, yet stronger then the last
one that doesnt just break with each hurt
it accepts that hurt, and makes it stronger
making it nearly invincible, unbreakable

on the outside i seem just as i was, broken
but i feel whole like i never have before
for i am the mosters that i tried to keep in
the ones i caged because i thought them too dangerous
but they were just the pieces i was scared to put back
i am now who i was always meant to be.
this was pretty much just an explosion of emotion. something id held inside for too long
Dark Angel Feb 2013
I can prove that, i can be there 24/7. Because, i have so much to give.
and want to wait, and been waiting, for just one person who I dont know
if she would ever come. I can be the most patience guy, that could wait a life time,
just to see her love again, or just to see her walk by, with out her knowing the crush i have.

I want to show you, that i can be real, being just myself,
make you laugh, and make you smile, when your bursting into tears,
make your day just by smiling and wave, or a hug and a kiss.

Not to implore, nor beg, but rather look into your heart,
and there speak the words, that you always wanted to hear.
See your feelings, and hear your thoughts as your heart beats fast.
Calm your anger, and soften your rage, and when it gets out of control,
I can and will be or become your punching bag.
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