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Jul 2010
The summers love was a harsh winters heartbreak as
the rain came crashing down as I watched thoose tail light's fade.
No words reflect  the pain  that as men were told to ignore.

The lable faded as the feelings inside.
It was gone without reason.
Making as much sense as it's start.

A funeral for one  spiders create  the webs
casting shadows apon the sun.

The void filled with pain addictions touch where you never did.
Empty as two in heart.
A losser in grace shakes  in the open.
Only to display my weakness  in utter isolation.

Outside the storm builds pushing others away.
Jokes fill conversation.
Laughs keep away the worried looks.

Wasted I feel the warmth  of happiness  thats so
far from all im not.
Lines  leading down a road apon a mirror
I close my eyes only to imagine  how it does reflect.

Her body warm.
her eyes as vacant  as the room in which i exist.
Taking  comfort in a action  losing all with sweet release.

Fire cant exist in icy  water's of a fractured soul.
The moment was a series of traggic events
that forges  a mind twisted like steel

Death was a wish when you can no longer taste life.
The addicts logic can never overpower the junkies mind.
Roads that seem distant are only seconds away.

That person a stranger whos return.
Is a threat and Id welcome his destructive return.
In the fog you feel nothing.
As the lost  never seem to understand.

I know the secrets to the  citys  slum.
A blood spattred  canvas of eternal blue.
Dim lit nightmares    a yerning for a end to
a favorite memory  that never was you.

I see the world so traggic tainted
underneath dark glasses so very clear.
A drifted soul  is but a leaf apon the ocean.

Driven by winds heading somewhere with no direction.
Just one of the many   nights  outcast.
Many truths no the  power of a lie.
Sunrise comes to fast and the bottle
wont be a lasting friend.

In thoose moments alone we see how togather
we truley never are.
Hold your secrets close as lovers.
tangled and so perfectly ******* up as yourself.

And wake in the bliss of  are addictions
Love the flaws and forget the dreams from which
we soon wake.
Far from good but  isnt it the flaws that
make me  so Gonzo?

Stay crazy  cause sanity worries me.
John Patrick Robbins Aka Gonzo
Written by
John Patrick Robbins Aka Gonzo  Shady Pines NC
(Shady Pines NC)   
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