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May 2013
There once was a girl,
She had nothing,
Until she met the boy,
He gave her everything,
Everything in the world,
They were always talking,
They were in love,
There once was the other girl,
She had everything,
But she wanted more,
She wanted boy,
She didn’t wanna love him,
He was just gonna be her toy,
The once was a girl,
Her boyfriend was her world,
They were in love,
But then the ***** came,
And took him away,
She didn’t love the boy,
He was just another one of her toys,
But he was too dumb to realize,
There once was a boy,
His girlfriend used him as a toy,
He left her all alone,
With nothing but her materials,
She was nothing,
Nothing but a *****
He thought she was the best,
The way she’d ******* when she threw the neck,
But then he realized,
It was time to go,

The once was a boy,
He really wanted his girl back,
Not a ****, or a ***,
Not a girl that everyone would know,
He just wanted her,
But too late now,
The boy lost out,
Because she now has the man that he’ll never be.
Written by
   Daniel K
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