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here i am
and still
i sit right here.
to those around me
my screams
they still dont hear.
tho some
may look apon me
and see
a broken soul,
i keep on swimming
through this life
lost within a fish bowl.
my lungs
are slowly burning,
the smoke
begins to bubble
but still
i sit
apon the floor
searching through the rubble.
for my freedom
of all unspoken thoughts,
i keep calling
for the mind
i recently just lost.
it feels as if
i m empty
without my hearts desire
to find the sun
in everyday
and let it bring me higher.
slowly i am building
a strong
and stable self
in hopes to ..
place the last few days
apon the deepest shelf.
my head it aches,
a devils fire.
my body,
just as numb.
distorted music
plays with pride
tomorrows morning
never comes.

here, my friends
is where we wait,
as does the whole humanity
forever banned to walk the earth
crying for our sanity.
with eyes as red as bleeding suns
we watch the smoke rise up
our minds are off into the distance
ridiculously corrupt.

tonight's a night
we will remember
a night among most others
where all we can
is get together
and spread our spirit feathers.
you, or i , or we i say
will drink our lives away
savoring the bitter taste
never let a moment waste.

stay with me and celebrate
the eve of a new dawn
where all will celebrate our every sin
the rise and fall of God.
stay with me,
endure the race
for in the end
we all lose face.
would I,
like to know
what, the world is thinking?
every individuals
original thought,
every hippies
high aspiration
and every radicals rebellious rave?
why yes,
yes i would.
beyond ALL practical desires.

would i, also like to know
how it is you mend a heart
that bleeds NOT body
but soul?
to sieze ones rustling memories
and understand the pain, accepting
and still stay sane?
why yes,
yes i most certainly would.
MY mind
it still does ponder.

you COULD know
the blue prints,
in which you were to follow,
would you fight
to stay on track?
rising up to every challenge
that falls along the way?
would you choose
another path?
find peace, without predictions,
far of the beaten path
carve the wood, another way?

would like the knowledge
of one too many things.
STRIPPING life of all its wonders,
and THAT
my friend
is what MAKES me human.
tonights the night ,that we run free
and sail across the skies
set fire to the fields of grass
and in the flames we lie.

we lie not only in the flames
but in the star crossed waters
breaking down the barriers
we oh-so-often encounter

tonights the night we pour our lives
into a cup of bree
start fights against a desperate system
a witness to the scene.

a witness to the civalized ,
crazy, ******* men
who dictate ways to justify
a spoiled genertion

tonights the night we find the face
of all and knowing truths
we'll find the land eldorado
and hang it by a noose.

destroying all the poverty
and judgment of the lives
of those who may live differently
a world of lows and highs.

tonights the night we paint the town
in cycadelic tones
groups of faceless matadors
in mass, we stand alone.

confused, we find an intrest
in paranormal things
searching for another way
to earn those angels wings.

tonights the night we stand our ground
not jump, but break the fence
embark along our epic journey
a life that could make sence

no longer will we live in fear
of all we do not know
prove, the myths are logical
across the universe we'll go.

tonights the night we sing a tune
that test the strands of our existance
and tell of all the lies
that float above our empty heads.
the drones will come alive
i see this face
this face i see
is tortured and at peace
it speaks for all
and all it speaks
the language of a sunset
beauty burned into its words
strong and full of reason

i hear this face
and no one else
the world has gone dead silent.

i see this face
this face sees me
its eyes tatooed with wisdom
dipicting tales of past and present
the future of this generation.
caution creeps behind its eyes
warning and protecting
yet leaving all to fight alone
the miseries
of blind beleiving.

i see this face
who has no face
lost in realization
crumbled and contorted
by a selfish
oblivious civiliazation
it crys without a tear duct
releasing from the heavens
a pure and noble life preserver
contaminated by humanitys freedom.

i see this face
befor my very eyes
collapsing into space and time
i feel the heart
the soul the source
of my humble existance die.
born again from beams of light
that pulse in tantric gestures.

humbled by the cosmic faces
we curious, spacial creatures

dancing to indifferent drums
that dawn in new reality

drifting from one place to space
we yearn for new abilities.

speaking in the tounges of stars,
conversing with our energy

forever planted firm and strong
no where in this vicinity.

a little rough around the edges
we burn we crawl we strive

towards the constant feeling of
a universal life.

we are
children of the sun
i was singing in the sunlight,
i was contemplating day.
when i came across an elephant
who'd gotten lost along the way.

he was tatood with the markings
of the universal gods,
he was walking mortal grounds
trying to even out the odds.

his tusks were chipped-
like jagged spears,
skin was wrinkled
with lines of verse.

his eyes i could not look away
entranced by things untold.
as day broke night and night broke day
his ballad did unfold.

he whisperd in the loudest roar,
through his trunk he wove a tale.
and even though he spoke in elephant
a message it did reveal.

listen child,
oh fragile spirit,
take heed in what i say.
understand that through yourself
your mind will find its way.

listen child,
for i cant stay.
understand that change cant wait,
for time is of the hours day.

listen child,
for there is sound
escaping from the long forgot,
utopian,freedom, grounds.

the elephant did not get to finish
his carfuly chosen words.
for he was shot,
then bled to death,
befor his voice was heard
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