"You made me PAPA.."
Ashmita Agrahari 

You took me from ground to sky..
You taught me how to fly..
You made me PAPA..
You prevent me from blowing off..
You taught me how to laugh..
You made me PAPA..
You give me all i want..
You taught me how to fear haunt..
You made me PAPA..
You always stand by my side..
You taught me how to decide..
You made me PAPA..
You love me as i am your soul..
You taught me how not to fall..
You made me PAPA..
You are a perfect engineer..
You taught me how to fix and gear..
You made me PAPA..
You are the best person..
You taught me how to make life an excursion..
You made me PAPA..

My first poem for my loving father.. just hope he likes it.  :)
"a receipt from the horse races; but my papa didn't"

Hell, I scrambled to an amusement park last night,
strapped myself in and coasted for hours
I didn't give myself a break instead I kept coasting until it got
hot and buzzed an alarming buzz
It was overheating, as was I, runnels of inhuman sweat stuck to my face
like glue from a hot gun

{they gave me a hot glue gun so I could make them better crafts than an 'ol family portrait with
blue and green markers on the backside of a receipt from the horse races; but my papa didn't
care about the crafts; he just wanted me busy so he could watch the tube and maybe have a nap
in the evening}

The cart is rattling out of its own carriage; I look up to the angels and only see black dirty smoke
Hell, I make a black dirty mess out of most things lately so instead I sit in it
because I usually run out of it; having towers crash and explode behind me
Hell, ya get what ya pay for; I pay for nothing, you pay for everything, I take everything – both of us will always know that

{remember when you'd say we'd go for ice cream to get me to shut up
we never went for ice cream}

Sparks underneath the rails, I twisted my stiff neck to stay still in something blasphemously heavy
{I used to think I was so heavy}

It’s like the feeling you get when you want to do something but your body won't succumb
Split mind & body interpersonal connections - left and right are both just forward,
Going forward to somewhere I've already been.
Hell, I let myself flood until they damn smacked the gates open with a
"What the fuck are you tryna do? Kill yourself?!" reprimand

And I even almost came to see you because you really wanted a daughter again and
I really wanted a father {again} - I've never really had one to begin with.
Instead, I listened to the cat's in the cradle and cut in my cradle
And hell, I really needed to be loved
I think more than I have ever needed
{you never left but you never came to leave me}

Hell, I don't think I have even seen hell yet; but one day it'll do me in good.
Thou he slay me, yet will I trust in him.

Luke R E Webster Aug 2012

"Farty Face"
"Burpy Bum"
Will never waste
an ounce of love.

Hot snot
and bogey pie
his children are
the apple of his eye.

There's a hole in my bucket
Dear Liza
All that have met
come off much the wiser

Chicken Curry
Bugger Up
Minced Meat and mash
Come on better hurry
gotta speed up
We don't need lots of cash
to enjoy this michelin starred grub.

I'm also my Dad's son, I mentioned that, right?
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