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Venny Oct 2017
You seep into me, like a black ink stain. Controlling my urges, and feeding my pain. Your fingers twist into the depths of my chest, pulling at veins. A burrowing pest.

Your rotting confection sticks to my itching teeth. A liquorice taste, leaving me bittersweet.

I get lost in my darkness, and cling to your light. But it guides me to nowhere, as you steal my sight. A zombie for your heavy pets, and your soft wet kiss.  Your eyes were my windows, but you've pasted over them with bricks.

I search for you in galaxies, and worlds lost upon me. I run to you in nightmares, and pray for you in dreams. The empty air that fills my lungs, and staggers all my thoughts. The skeleton left in my closet, plotting to leave me to rot.

I have no plans of letting go, or willing this to end. I'll hang on every word you say until the very end.

I'll kneel at the alter of your lacking religion. I'll weep for your aching parts, and all you're missing.

I'll worship you like you're a God, and lick your wounds like a dog licks his scars. My Eros who longs to take over me, my Poseidon who can't find the sea. Come to me when your body is worn, and your heart is weak, and your mind war torn.

Take my heart, my soul is your host. I'm in love, but only know your ghost.
Venny Jul 2017
I crave your taste upon my tongue. Stinging my senses with the sweetest poisonous honey.

I want my demise at your hands, softly stroking my skin as my sighs fill your ears. As the tingles on your neck send thoughts to me that any father would demand we repent for.

The taste of your fingertips on my tongue, blinding me to judgement and the stories of Greek mythology that end in a demise created from carnal desire. I want you to destroy me in sweetest way.

Falling down a rabbit hole of sin, and reckless abandonment. The taste of you overwhelmingly clogging my senses, and my teeth softly attached to the skin on your neck. Taking over you with abandonment.

I want your marks upon my flesh, branding me and reminding me how long this may last. I am at your alter begging for release. Begging for you, begging to find me. Begging for your peace.

All I want is you on top of me is you free, and your heavy breathing when we send each other to the places we need to be.

Pretty thoughts tangled in ugly sheets.

Take what you need, and I'll keep the memories.
Venny Jul 2017
I've written a million poems, a million words about you. They're all worthless, and could never do your existence justice. Could never unclench my heart, or dry my sweaty palms.

Not a single letter could be added to any word to properly describe the utter being, and ethereal being that is you.
My pen is useless when I look at you. My words are jumbled symbols that make no sense when you even sigh.

My fingertips lose all magic. My art is worthless when I look into your eyes. There is no delicate stroke of my pen that could truly form the words that describe what I see in you, or your soul.

I'm merely a fool, lovesick and throwing up complicated nonsense that my soul cannot contain. Poe would be ashamed.

****. I just love you.
Venny Jun 2017
The sweetest love is always the love that feels unattainable. The sweetest taste, with a bitter undertone. Euphorically stinging your tongue. A dark chocolate that settles like poison in your stomach, sickening your insides. A craving for a diseased confection that destroys the soul. You yearn for a stomachache, a heartache, a soul darkened in the purest way.
Venny Jan 2017
I see constellations within your eyes that keep me warm, and dream of being wrapped within your galaxy, inside your arms. I want to be your moon at its highest high, that calls to you like the rough waves tide. You are the reasons stars exist, a fairytale feeling I cannot resist. A pathetic poetic way to spill my heart, like an open vein, that only gushes metaphors and thoughts...and bitter sweet nothings only your ears can hear, your mouth can taste, your heart only can feel. A Demigod forced to live within fallen grace, with a sinner who could never perfect her place. I know inside, what I wish for your eyes to seek, will truly never be. 
That may just be the death of me.
Venny Apr 2016
And he picked her from the blanket and looked into her brain. Stared deeply in her brown eyes and knew that she'd cause pain.

Knew she'd cause destruction and it would be in vain. Knew she'd be a heartbreaker and it'd be her claim to fame.

While he traced her small, soft black curls he knew he held a universe, a Galaxy , his world.

He knew that someday he'd have to let her go. To be free, to learn, to continuously grow. That day he knew was nowhere near, but tears choked him. Full of fear.

There would be people who would try to tear her down, bruise her self esteem, taint her crown. They would hurt her and tell her that she was worth less because what was between her legs and under her dress.

They would show her the meaning of love and the pain that comes from loss. They would deny her truths and dethrone her in her Kingdom as her own boss.

But she'd also know sunshine, smiles, happiness, and gain. How to walk through storms, and dance in the rain. How to love without limits, and how to harness the pain, and use it for strength, for power, to gain.

So as those hard tears ran down for miles, he wiped them away with a crooked smile.

For he knew that she'd find her place in the world. His beautiful, fearless, baby girl.
  Mar 2016 Venny
William Robinson
I hope you are unhappy wherever you are.
And may you always lose the keys to your car.
May your underwear be uncomfortable all your life
and may you hit all the red lights whenever you drive.
May your upstairs neighbor party all night long
and may the radio never play your favorite song.
May your skin never reach the smoothness of silk
and may your cookies break when you dip them in milk.
Because I don't want you dead for just hurting me
But I wish for you that tiny extra bit of misery.
I would never wish for any exceptionally bad things towards my Ex. This is mostly for fun! ;)
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