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May 26 · 84
Mad Man
Chloe May 26
The mad man sat in a tower
Wishing for power
Instead he was chained
And slowly went more and more insane
As he wished for revenge
May 26 · 428
Chloe May 26
Nothing satisfies
Like tucking shaved legs under
Soft, clean, silky sheets
Shaving my legs is a chore but a satisfying one.
May 26 · 29
Mixed Signals
Chloe May 26
I guess when you kissed me under the moonlight
I thought that we would be alright
My mind began spinning
With so many plans
Of a future full of loving
And holding hands
But instead of taking me away
And showing me love to make me stay
You were just confusing
And threw mixed signals
I know I should forget
But my heart doesn’t want to quit
May 26 · 35
Chloe May 26
I hear one thing
And then another
My mind can’t be made up
And I’m stuck with an empty cup
I wish to be free
Of the chain’s shackling me
I know what I have to do
But do I really want to
I pace and I pace
It’s like some silly race
And then there’s you
Always confusing, always captivating
The largest enigma I have yet to come across
So between working and wondering
I try to solve the puzzle that is you
And while getting my stuff together
That is all I can do
May 26 · 38
Chloe May 26
I’m genuinely confused
I don’t know what to do
I’ve got everything to lose
And I can’t forget about you
May 21 · 80
Chloe May 21
I’ve had black eyes and bruises
Broken bones and ****** noses
I’ve dealt with pain
I’ve fallen and been sprained
I’ve had needles ***** my skin
And cut my fingers on jagged rims
But none of those compare
To falling into someone’s snare
And hoping you’ll be loved
Only to find
You were wasting your time
Sticks and stones can break my bones, but only words can truly hurt me. This was fun to write. I’m typically a pretty upbeat person so sadder poetry is usually not my chosen topic of writing.
May 18 · 566
Chloe May 18
You might be quite bored
But don’t make the same mistake
Do NOT dye your hair
I know everyone’s bored in quarantine but do not dye your hair.
May 4 · 33
Chloe May 4
She spent her time daydreaming
Of who she thought he was
Wishing she could be wrapped up in his arms
Safe and secure
She thought his sugar-coated words were for her
But in the end she was wrong
So she keeps up a front
And tells herself she's OK
But she cries when she's alone in the car
Because she didn't know how to make him stay
Something I love about poetry (and songs) is that they tell little snippets of stories. It kind of makes me want to write a whole book.
Apr 14 · 117
Chloe Apr 14
I never was a morning person
I despised being up before eight
Getting up for school was torture
And hearing my alarm clock go off filled me with hate
Not only do I like sleeping in
I’m a night owl as well
I work best late at night
And if you look at when I publish, you can probably tell
It wasn’t until I stayed up all night
And saw the sun come up behind the trees
I watched the world come alive
And the morning became beautiful to me
I opened my window
And felt the rising sun kiss my face
I listened as a breeze was blowing
And heard the birds chirp as they broke out of a sleepy haze
It was in that moment that I knew
No matter how much I loved my sleep
Mornings were beautiful too
I’ll always be a night owl and I’ll always love my sleep, but the mornings are something special I’m thankful to wake up for.
Chloe Apr 12
Such an ironic thing
To be a hopeless romantic
But scared of relationships
I mean, come on, isn’t that just cruel
I just want to love and be loved
But I’m scared to act a fool
I do my best
To keep my head on straight
And yet at the thought of falling in love
I hyperventilate
And when I finally get over it
And take a leap of faith
Just to put my feelings out there
My hope gets snatched away
I’m not asking for much, I swear
Just late nights
And date nights
With someone loving
Who really cares
And yet when that person comes along
I chicken out and run away
And when the next one comes, and I think I’m ok
They don’t feel the same way
So I’ve decided to stay true to myself
I’ll know it when the right one comes along
And with prayer I’ll make sure it’s not wrong
And when I do
I can promise you
I’ll love fully and endlessly
Beautifully and selflessly
Hopelessly but not blindly
It is what it is...
Love is scary, but worth it from what I can see
I’m just waiting for the right one for me
Apr 12 · 173
Every. Single. Day.
Chloe Apr 12
Steady, ready, full steam ahead
I may be scared
But I can just turn around if I hit a dead end
My life is beginning
And every single day
I have the chance to change my life
It might seem small
Or insignificant
But every minute detail has some sentiment
And I may think that life will always be the same
But even a week from now
I’ll look back and say
Look at me! I’ve come a ways!
I stumbled there
And I messed up here
But I carried on and I wiped my tears
Ok maybe I’m getting over this block...
Chloe Apr 12
Ugh! I cannot write!
Concepts floating in my head
But can’t find the words
I want to write poems about so many things, and yet every time I try to write, it doesn’t sound quite right.
Apr 7 · 31
Chloe Apr 7
There are often words that I'm scared to say
And in truth I am not brave
So I practice these words when I am alone
In the shower
And saying them aloud reminds me that words have power
I practice them again
Over and over
As if I was reciting them to a lover
I'll probably never say them to anyone else
But at least I get them off my chest
Instead of leaving them in my head as a jumbled mess
I think that there are not many people who are unafraid to say exactly what they want to say to everyone in their life, but I find saying those things to no one in particular is somewhat therapeutic.
Apr 3 · 114
The Rain
Chloe Apr 3
Rain drops fall down
Bathing my skin
And covering the town
Quenching a thirsty earth
As the rain gives birth
To new life
And lulling me to sleep
As the drops pitter patter on my roof
Drowning out the nightmares
As my soul it soothes
I’ve begun to believe
Rain can heal most anything
For when I’ve had a bad day
And I say, “I’m done, I quit”
The rain washes down my face as if to say
“Just breathe, that’s it!”
The rain makes me shiver
Because it makes me wet and cold
But kissing in the rain brings other shivers entirely
But that’s a story I’ll leave untold
What do you love about the rain?
Apr 1 · 86
My Mouth is Hurting
Chloe Apr 1
Blood is red
Bruises are blue
My wisdom teeth just got pulled
But only two
Well I got my wisdom teeth pulled today and ouch, it hurts
Mar 30 · 49
Chloe Mar 30
Well I guess today is the day
I’m finally going to do it and say
Exactly what I feel
You’re not dumb
And you’re definitely not dense
But they say men are oblivious
And maybe ignorance is bliss
Maybe you’ve known for a while
And not said anything
Or maybe you have no clue
And this truth will ring
Well the truth is this
That I’ve got feelings I can’t ignore
For a boy who writes poetry
And so much more
He has a heart of gold
Talking to him never gets old
Most times he speaks
I start to hear my heart beat
Because talking to him only makes this feelings thing worse
He knows who he is
I know he’s reading this
I think of him often
I only hope he feels the same way
But if not he can just pretend he never read this
And things can go on the same
For while admitting feelings is scary
Losing our friendship would be a whole lot scarier
I don’t know where this will lead
Or if if we’ll ever really be anything
But I need to get it off my chest
I hope this doesn’t turn things into a huge mess
Well... I just did that?
Mar 28 · 35
Chloe Mar 28
The butterflies started
And I couldn’t stop them
Suddenly all the love songs were about you
And I don’t know what to do
Do I confess?
I’m afraid it will all just turn into a big mess
Mar 28 · 54
A Thief
Chloe Mar 28
People can be surprising
Even the ones you know best
For a boy I thought I knew pretty well
Turned out to partake in theft
I’ll admit I saw it coming
But I couldn’t stop it if I tried
You see, he stole my heart
And in turn I told a lie
I couldn’t come up with a good title for this one :/
Has anyone stolen your heart?
Mar 28 · 54
Chloe Mar 28
Yellow is a beautiful color
As bright as the sun
And as warm as summer
It makes me feel brave and tall
Like the sunflowers that grow above all
Yellow is my favorite hue
It makes me happy
Just like you
What’s your favorite color?
Mar 26 · 740
Chloe Mar 26
The world is so vast
I want to explore it all
With someone I love
Mar 24 · 205
Chloe Mar 24
The depths of ocean surrounding me
Always put me in a state of serenity
Water flows with strength
Covering great lengths
It has the power to wash away
All dirt and all grime
We’re able to use it as a source of life
It flows out of us when we cry
I wish I could float in water all day
Like when I was a child and I pretended to be a mermaid
I’d like to go and live on a boat
Sailing the ocean with my beloved
The life of a sailor I do covet
I love the sea 🌊
Mar 23 · 51
Chloe Mar 23
This dance is confusing
I wish it was easy
I wish you would tell me
How you are feeling
I guess it's fair
I try to make myself look like I don't care
When in reality
I want to know everything
I suppose I should come clean
And say what's in my heart
I know you won't be mean
But I don't know what you'll say
And that really scares me
Mar 23 · 36
HE Died For Me
Chloe Mar 23
HE died for me
Upon a tree
I don't deserve it
No one can earn it
So now I live my life
To serve the one who set me free
Who cut the ties that bound me
Sin was my anchor
And I was drowning
But HE rescued me
Mar 23 · 35
The Words In My Heart
Chloe Mar 23
I wish I knew how
To say the words in my heart
And how I wish we were never apart
At night I dream of your smile
And in the daytime
I think of the miles separating us
I don't know how to get through
Sometimes you have to fight for love
But it would all be worth it for you
Mar 22 · 31
The Last Summer
Chloe Mar 22
The sun set on that perfect summer’s day
When laughter was shared
And games were played
And memories were made
And though soon this group of bonded hearts
Would soon all be moving apart
They all knew
They would be together again soon

— The End —