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 Sep 2019 hafsa el hassani
They say its the 'me-too' times
they pontificate the people are all awoke now
the twenty-first century now long past the space age
now we talk to machines don't even need to carry money
its high tech, plastics and hand cells we carry and do all we need
then they fade from the insides and died, emotions became twitter
where all can go meet with no faces and write crazy becoming crazy
we're all plugged in and tuned off and plugged to gas and Auschwitz
 Sep 2019 hafsa el hassani
In a sea and mountain of liquid mercury
One of the toxic elements
There on top is a yellowwish
Orangery topazy with
Silver spheres
Problebly baodings of  varying sizes
Is this a dream or did I take my meds
If I could turn back time
I would hit Backspace all day,
Id put on Caps Lock
and SHOUT what I say.

I'd use the whole Alphabet
To tell you hello,
Press seven Numbers
Til you picked up the phone.

I'd Tab through the comments
I didn't want to hear,
And use the Arrow Keys
To drag your body near.

I would Delete the harsh words
I didn't mean to speak,
And Insert the "I love yous"
I before couldn't leak.

I would use Ctrl to
Keep reigns over my heart,
And I would Escape lies
That tore us apart.

I'd Print out your photo
And kiss it goodnight,
Use the Calculator
To check that we were right.

I'd Paint you a picture
of us, you and me,
Then I'd hit Enter
Just so you would see.

Those are the things
I would do in my strife,
If only Backspace
worked in real life.
This is the first poem (that I have a copy of) i wrote that I actually thought was good. I was in seventh grade, twelve years old, and I wrote it for a newspaper competition. I knew it was really great but I didn't think I would beat all other applicants in the state in my age group. So you can imagine my surprise I'm sure when I DID win! That is the first time I was proud of my writing. So this one has a lot of special sentimental value. Thanks for reading.
 Aug 2019 hafsa el hassani
I don’t want to.
But I’ll give it a chance,
In case it surprises me.
will you hold on to me
even if I won't be around?
will you listen to my words
even if I won't make a sound?

will you still love me
when I won't be so lovable?
will you still reach out
when I would be unreachable?

will you even miss me
if I won't ever call?
will you try to find me
when I won't like to be found?

will you still save me
when I won't like to be saved?
will you still fix my pieces
if I won't be that brave?
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