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En quête de votre identité
Ne soit pas frustré
Car, ce sont  les obstacles qui
donnent goût à cette recherche.
It is the first time I write in French . It just came to my mind .
I just feel the pressure in my heart
that I know will just lead me to my old memories.
I just run out of words
to explain myself again.
I just feel out of my mind
for not being able to move on.
I am just looking for signs
for my future to be bright.
I just want love
to bloom in my heart again.
I just want my dreams
to end up true and be worthy.
I just want to find out
what I have been seeking.
I just...I just
want to live
Fly so high, dream so big
let the destiny brings you
to where you truly belong
don't be afraid,
everything is already set.
may your beginning be humble
may your end be full of blossoms.
don't ever give up , lets live it at all to not have any regrets .
At the end,
she found out she had no one to talk to
No one to support her
She was inside the darkness
But it was okay for her
Because she didn't want to see
People who hurted her
Who let her in the middle of the road
Lonely, tired and lost .
Without a feed
I have been seeking
without a help
I have been wondering
do I exist?
I'm full of living
nothing suits me
nothing ever makes me feel better
what am I doing here?
the universe is huge
is there someone to hold on to ?
who will stopped
this pain from raising again.
Falling in the emptiness, losing hope, this feeling of being empty we all know it but with a different degree, we all have life, but we don't live it the same.
As we are growing up we face all the miseries of life, all the bad or good, sometimes we fall so bad, and sometimes we stand up so strong.but the hardest part is losing what we were looking for, not knowing which path should we take and in this darkness we start looking for the light.
You are my sun
every time I come near
I get burned
I don't know what to do with you
I don't know what dream I have to follow anymore
maybe too much let you drown into too much darkness
letting go of the person you love is a big achievement
but also a huge realization
that you can't go forward
admit it
you are stuck
once again,
you can't be free
once again
you know how it is bad to not have any way to go through
I say I am lost
but i don't have a path or two to go through
i am  just stuck
a bad stuck
i need someone
to  get me out of here
before I became nothing
whenever  I said it finished
i comeback to you
more broken
more thirsty
and more afraid to lose you again
what is this maze?
why I can go out of it?
why it repeats itself?
why letting me bleeding?
comeback is the easiest
but letting go makes my heart pieces again
like I live when I see you
but I lost my self when I stop
if I meet you one day
I wish I can tell you that
what I have been drowning into is just
You try to make yourself a better vision.
A person that won't be afraid to go into the monsoon,
Someone who is going to fight for his visions and dreams,
But why every time I try to be all that,
There is something that breaks me and
leads me to the beginning
To the time when I was nothing
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