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 Sep 2019 Bill Johnston
When I look into your eyes
I can see true love
My wife
 Sep 2019 Bill Johnston
When the ships finally left,
massive cities escaping to the stars
in solitary flights,

One remained behind,
hidden away, waiting,
in case she changed her mind.

NCL September 2019
You're not lost, just because you didn't comb today
I see you here, yet your thoughts are drifting away ...
You rake the leaves, with your bare hands,
You try to see, where your future stands.

You're not lost,  just because you need a break,
I see you smile, while trying to hide your heartache
You collect the dirt, under your fingernails,
As you walk barefoot and cover your trails.

I still see you, underneath the falling leaves,
I hear your voice say "thank you"  and "please"
I see your true smile, glowing in your eyes,
You're the only reason, my soul survives.
 Aug 2019 Bill Johnston
Long road
To heven..
It is ending somewhere..
Dark road
To hell ..
It is leading sometimes.
Light road
To the sky..
It is flying somehow..
Curly road
To the moon.
It is bringing  you someone.
In your day
In your life.
In your dream.
To hug.
To love .
To kiss.
The gift of love ..
It is hard road.. your happiness..
If I didn't have
Control over my thoughts
They'd me throw off the Mesosphere, in a ball of flames
Today I put on that perfume
And it hit me
With a memory forgotten;
Sunken at the bottom of the almost empty bottle.
“Mhm, wow you smell so good. What perfume is that?” You had asked.
I’d been over the moon waxing outside. You had tickled my insides.
So when I’d spritzed that on my neck and inhaled that scent and that memory…
I was glad.
Glad that the bottle was finished.
Glad that there was nothing left to remind me of that moment,
Glad that as I tossed the bottle into the trash, I had, in turn, trashed the memory.
The memory sunken at the bottom of that perfume bottle.
A scent's arousal.
The pain is gone,
The pain is gone,
I've finally found a friend,
I can count on.
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