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3.1k · Jul 2019
Bill Johnston Jul 2019
Broken words.
But we try.
Broken glass.
But we hope.
Broken songs.
But we sing.
Broken  lass.
But she loves.
Broken words.
But we speak.
Broken bad.
But we care.
Broken songs.
But we sing.
Broken lad.
But he loves.
Broken you.
But you fight.
Broken me.
But I try.
Broken home.
But we sigh.
Broken we.
But we struggle.
Broken strangers.
But we welcome.
Broken world.
But we stand.
Broken light.
But we shine.
1.0k · May 2019
Bill Johnston May 2019
Listen to the wind speak.
Listen to the rain patter.
Listen to the heat hiss.
Listen to the falling leaves.
Listen to the ice crack.
Listen to the ground shift.
Listen to the tides pull.
Listen to the fauna run.
Listen to the plants grow.
Listen to the stones vibrate.
Listen to the humans utter.
Listen for the silence.
Listen to it if you can.
Listen to the Eternal.
857 · May 2019
Poles Apart(pun intended)
Bill Johnston May 2019
Polarized people. Hatred from non sequiturs.
782 · Apr 2019
Another Scifaiku
Bill Johnston Apr 2019
cannot get rid of
the voices in my head-
faulty connection
678 · May 2019
Bill Johnston May 2019
Encounter of the fourth kind,
my world no longer earth at your
675 · Apr 2019
A Haiku
Bill Johnston Apr 2019
in each other's warm
embrace for fifty one years-
tandem bicycle
Written April 21, 2019
653 · Apr 2019
Bill Johnston Apr 2019
You have an odor,
but not one
you believe it is.

Revised version:
You have an odor,
but it is
not what you believe.
562 · Apr 2019
Bill Johnston Apr 2019
dark matter tired and
riding gravity waves-
lonely grim reaper
551 · Jun 2019
Bill Johnston Jun 2019
No way.
Yes way.
This way.
That way.
Right way.
Wrong way.
My way.
Your way.
Our way.
Their way.
One way.
Two way.
Three way?
What way?
The way?
Which Way!?
483 · Aug 2019
The Artists of Construction
Bill Johnston Aug 2019
Coats of paint well applied
externally and color coordinated.
The trim contrasted properly
with no smearing.
An individual work which does not
clash with the neighbors, yet
is an open invitation.
An open house built upon good
foundation and sturdy structure
which is a signature to the craftsmen
who built it and dressed it.
The nobility of trades
466 · Apr 2019
A Scifaiku
Bill Johnston Apr 2019
ash of cities
left by burning atmosphere-
a temper tantrum
The insistent self
463 · Oct 2019
The One
Bill Johnston Oct 2019
I think I'm young,
know I'm the one,
with good looks too.
But then boo-hoo,
I look and see
who's  looking back at me!
441 · Jul 2019
Bill Johnston Jul 2019
The cadence of your words is
your inflection not the
we are genotypical
We argue using words in the same
as we construct verbal
I guess the wedding is
436 · May 2019
The End
Bill Johnston May 2019
Public opposed research, no more children.
425 · Aug 2019
Bill Johnston Aug 2019
Rage sits on a shelf.
It waits until united with motivation.
Then hate is lifted to the shoulder;
anger explodes in death.
422 · Aug 2019
Bill Johnston Aug 2019
I hear the sprinkles in your voice.
I see the icing in your smile.
I feel the oven in your touch.
I see the pastry of your love.
I devour the fruits of your sensuality.
You are one exquisite dessert.
410 · May 2019
Bill Johnston May 2019
She was my alpha and
I was not her first, but I was her
We took it to the nth, irrational
We were an unreal pair of
Our intersection lasted for
But she took the leap into
Our union became an empty
Bill Johnston May 2019
Kansas still hangs 'em high.
Albert will dangle for twelve years.
KBI presented an insufficiency to 12 blind mice.

A mischief destroyed Mr. Wilson.
He has no North Pole any longer.
He hangs on the tree of injustice
Discrepancies in sentencing?
370 · Jan 2020
Bill Johnston Jan 2020
My love lost here,
but not there in
the worlds of if.
360 · May 2019
Bill Johnston May 2019
Too late once written.
354 · May 2019
Bill Johnston May 2019
My dad's ego was the pillow
by which he smothered the family.
He brought The Commandments
down from Mount Fatherhood.

We were heretics if we questioned
his Testament of Rules for Living.
He provided Bitter Soup for the Soul:
Put everything in the vise.

He claimed it out of affection, but
it was from the pits of the id.
His superego was malleable, but
not anyone else's.

He is gone and so is mother. The rest
of us are buried in his legacy, struggling
to escape the dung in which we live as
we fight demons of baser nature.
352 · May 2019
Big Top
Bill Johnston May 2019
in love, out, in,
reaching, rejecting, drama,
cursing, cuddling, crying, smiling,
using, supporting, arguing, living
351 · Feb 2021
Bill Johnston Feb 2021
Okay. Yes or no.
You figure it out.
348 · Apr 2019
Bill Johnston Apr 2019
Childhood: that other universe
of imaginary friends,
windmill-summer days,
autumn county fairs,
frosty Christmas walks,
breezy spring dances,
and personal tribes.
329 · May 2019
Bill Johnston May 2019
Though the days are clear,
there is zero visibility in
the endless sleet.
It is Winter in the midst
of Summer.
I am told it gets better.
I do not understand as
I walk in the storm.
303 · May 2019
Beloved Sun
Bill Johnston May 2019
14th of May is the next anniversary
without my beloved sun
gracing the sky
That sun has set in this world and risen
in another,
gleaming on high.
297 · Jun 2019
Bill Johnston Jun 2019
Studying endangered species: the poet watchers.
279 · Aug 2019
Wedding Day
Bill Johnston Aug 2019
Wedding day.
My fiancé
flew away.
261 · Apr 2019
Bill Johnston Apr 2019
A bright Kansas moon
and missing you to
tune of Claire de Lune.
Written March 30, 2019 in memory of my wife.
258 · May 2019
Bill Johnston May 2019
You booked the tour and bought tickets.
Now you stand at the beginning of your
You shall play two minute sets of intimate,
mutual self revelation while exploring.
When the set at the last table is finished,
will you leave with someone?.
255 · Jun 2019
Bill Johnston Jun 2019
from you, today, I
received an osculation-
death by affection
254 · Aug 2019
To Sleep, To Bed
Bill Johnston Aug 2019
I need to go to sleep, to go to bed,
but sometimes have an empty head.
I sit up too long, too long awake
with thoughts of our give and take.
Perhaps I'll walk into our living past
then return to present life at last.
Finally, I head to sleep, to go to bed
despite my sometimes empty head.
245 · Jun 2019
Bill Johnston Jun 2019
An inflammation of the brain,
your image ubiquitous, your
form engraved In my mind.

This feverish madness possessed
me from our first.  
The fever also afflicted you.

My tears stain your monument
as I stand here still sweetly
insane after all these decades.
243 · Jan 2020
Not an Illusion
Bill Johnston Jan 2020
It does exist, but not
in the weaving of spells.
It is real, but not
in rabbits pulled out of hats.
No wizard can produce it,
and it is not a magician's illusion.
It exists in lovers' kisses.
It is a new star in the heavens.
It is seen in the miracles of life
at the altar of wonder.
239 · Jan 2020
Bill Johnston Jan 2020
Too much Youtube,
Too much cable,
too much Facebook,
and too many RPGs,
with snacks on one side
and too much to drink
on the other,
and I'm
237 · Jun 2019
Our only Flare
Bill Johnston Jun 2019
You loosened your hair
with dramatic flair
as we loosened wear.

We nibbled here and there,
nibbled everywhere
in birthday bare.

I entered your nether hair
in mutual flare
as we made the nasty pair.

It was grunt an share
and moan an pair
till we were sere.

We were long time bare
till donning wear,
our only flare.
236 · Jul 2019
Zen( not a koan)
Bill Johnston Jul 2019
There is a certain
to owning a weapon of choice.
To lose it is
severing a
235 · May 2019
Bill Johnston May 2019
MUST warn the Earth. Too
230 · May 2019
Long Nights
Bill Johnston May 2019
Shades of the soul
refusing --- to close.
Another --- long night.
220 · Apr 2019
The Other
Bill Johnston Apr 2019
An extremophile love story?
Animal, vegetable, mineral?
From the other side of the volcano?
A 12 gender tale of Romeo and Juliet from some silicon Shakespeare?
The muse that would never knock on our door
and never is our way, our Tao.
Behold, I stand at some door and rap with the best of them,
because some alien died for our sins.
Heaven, Hell, and all other destinations.
Book your trip with Galactic Bus tours and
Cosmic Love and Entertainment now!
218 · Jul 2019
Bill Johnston Jul 2019

210 · Apr 2019
Frustrating, Ain't It?
Bill Johnston Apr 2019
Please keep reading. You are important.
This poem will begin soon.
You will not be disappointed.
Please keep reading or you may miss
a life changing experience.
This poem will begin soon.
Please keep reading. You are important.
This poem will begin soon.
Please keep reading or you may miss
a life changing experience.
You will not be disappointed.
Please read carefully:
I regret to inform you that my muse will not
return until further notice.
209 · Apr 2019
Moving light
Bill Johnston Apr 2019
Nightly news-
Moving lights
An insane cat
208 · Oct 2019
The Chief Orange
Bill Johnston Oct 2019
The Chief
Orange may yet
get peeled, and the pulp chewed
beyond recognition, then tossed
206 · Nov 2020
192 · May 2019
Bill Johnston May 2019
An image in words:
worth a thousand pictures.
182 · Jun 2019
Bill Johnston Jun 2019
Now as you go forth into
the world, Facebook be with you.
May Facebook give you peace,
wisdom, and knowledge beyond
understanding which transcends
your numbers of approval.
Thus ends the Benidiction.
177 · May 2019
Bill Johnston May 2019
Awake late,
seance with haunts of
elsewhen, embracing,
past lives, memories of
long smiles and pressed
kisses between the pages
of the mind before vanishing
into the tent of dreams.
176 · Nov 2019
Bill Johnston Nov 2019
fine example
of Sinclair's fictional
character who has now become
a fact.
I am not a Marxist, although some ignoramous may call me a communist.
I am also not an immigrant, although the same uneducated person will probably tell to return my point of origin.
The majority seems to be unable to distinguish ideologies in the current climate.
176 · May 2019
Bill Johnston May 2019
wages of love + labor
exhaustion + satisfaction
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