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Mar 2021 · 144
untitled senryu
Bill Johnston Mar 2021
cancer survivor
with a good attitude-
but a divorce?
Feb 2021 · 351
Bill Johnston Feb 2021
Okay. Yes or no.
You figure it out.
Dec 2020 · 60
Today and Yesterday
Bill Johnston Dec 2020
I thought a while
about your smile.
I thought about yesterday
and I thought about today.
Long past stars of light
are phantoms bright.
They are beyond our touch,
yet feel within our clutch.
If I could ride light squared,
I would see you there.
But I cannot tell
about particles ftl.
So I will dream of you and me
and what shall never be.
Nov 2020 · 101
Bill Johnston Nov 2020
Winnowed chaff complains
of its unheard voice.
Listeners know better.
Nov 2020 · 206
Oct 2020 · 76
a senryu
Bill Johnston Oct 2020
campaign slogan
empty photo ops
are we there yet?
Aug 2020 · 104
a senryu
Bill Johnston Aug 2020
underneath the stars
arm in arm and side by -
laughing in the grass
written July 20, 2020
you are invited to visit my site Haifiveku at
You are welcome to write comments and or short poems in the comment section.
Jun 2020 · 171
That Day
Bill Johnston Jun 2020
A dnc,
that day,
so long
I thought
I lost
my wife.
We never
had a
for the
We left,
went back.
May 2020 · 83
Genteel Irony
Bill Johnston May 2020
a mongrel
of genteel
the breeding
a perfect
Apr 2020 · 110
Bill Johnston Apr 2020
forbidden planet
amidst an ocean of stars-
social distancing.
Feb 2020 · 100
Bill Johnston Feb 2020
A paradox:
untitled and yet
isn't it?
Feb 2020 · 105
Bill Johnston Feb 2020
a stone in the grass
with a beginning and end-
kisses from beyond
Feb 2020 · 104
Bill Johnston Feb 2020
scientist creates
a fictitious candidate-
canine elected
Feb 2020 · 99
Bill Johnston Feb 2020
starry night

and 1+1
= 1

the rain falls
on fertile
Jan 2020 · 153
Scouting Party
Bill Johnston Jan 2020
expedition report:
earth off limits, protected by
canine sentinels
Jan 2020 · 239
Bill Johnston Jan 2020
Too much Youtube,
Too much cable,
too much Facebook,
and too many RPGs,
with snacks on one side
and too much to drink
on the other,
and I'm
Jan 2020 · 76
No More
Bill Johnston Jan 2020
She will miss holding him in her arms.
His voice no longer rings aloud.
He will no longer commune with her
daily as she reads his mind.
Their lovable games are ended, and the house
is silent.
He no more stands near the door as he
waits for her or greets guests.
She puts his chew toy with him and
says goodbye.
Jan 2020 · 158
Big Brother
Bill Johnston Jan 2020
It's supposed to be 2020,
but I think it's 1984.
Jan 2020 · 243
Not an Illusion
Bill Johnston Jan 2020
It does exist, but not
in the weaving of spells.
It is real, but not
in rabbits pulled out of hats.
No wizard can produce it,
and it is not a magician's illusion.
It exists in lovers' kisses.
It is a new star in the heavens.
It is seen in the miracles of life
at the altar of wonder.
Jan 2020 · 370
Bill Johnston Jan 2020
My love lost here,
but not there in
the worlds of if.
Dec 2019 · 102
Bill Johnston Dec 2019
We were warm in the nestle of our curve,
a perfect fit.
We were skin to skin wrapped in silence
I held you once more then opened eyes and
you were gone.
I sighed your loss, but embraced you
once more.
We were warm in the nestle of our curve
between the worlds
Dec 2019 · 132
A Scifaiku
Bill Johnston Dec 2019
black hole distortion
inside event horizon-
finally bankrupt
Sci fi
Nov 2019 · 176
Bill Johnston Nov 2019
fine example
of Sinclair's fictional
character who has now become
a fact.
I am not a Marxist, although some ignoramous may call me a communist.
I am also not an immigrant, although the same uneducated person will probably tell to return my point of origin.
The majority seems to be unable to distinguish ideologies in the current climate.
Nov 2019 · 132
Bill Johnston Nov 2019
I am alone, but not lonely.
In solitude, I feel the Other.
Deep inside the desert of self, I am rescued
by that small voice which rises above words.
I give thanks for the blessings bestowed on
me by that which I have lost.
Oct 2019 · 463
The One
Bill Johnston Oct 2019
I think I'm young,
know I'm the one,
with good looks too.
But then boo-hoo,
I look and see
who's  looking back at me!
Oct 2019 · 208
The Chief Orange
Bill Johnston Oct 2019
The Chief
Orange may yet
get peeled, and the pulp chewed
beyond recognition, then tossed
Oct 2019 · 124
Daydream What Ifs
Bill Johnston Oct 2019
The stars look down with promise, those distant points
of fire, conjuring what ifs.
I ponder the alternate realities, the maybes that might exist.
Perhaps the answers lie just beyond the pane on which patterns
can be traced.
Figures emerge from the wall, a horse, a giant, a forgotten face of
past or future love.
And elevator music is the radio background as I am lost in
daydreams, wishing to hold someone in my arms,
not for love but for humanity.
Sep 2019 · 113
Demons, sort of
Bill Johnston Sep 2019
Alabaster Heights
a show
from sea to sea
to reinforce
by those
who possess,
and are
Demons, sort of!
Sep 2019 · 153
Bill Johnston Sep 2019
I'm caught, struggling,
held tight, in your
I think,"one more comment
or link," but I'm trapped in
your web.
Sep 2019 · 167
Bill Johnston Sep 2019
Two retired souls communing together.
One says,"Feeling strange, I can't see."
Last thing he said," honey, I love you."
He warned the family that he'd no longer
celebrate the holiday. That's why he wrapped
the gifts so early.
She still hosted a yearly family reunion on The
Midwinter Feast.
That tradition continued until one October
in the hospital.
We recently sold their house.
Aug 2019 · 422
Bill Johnston Aug 2019
I hear the sprinkles in your voice.
I see the icing in your smile.
I feel the oven in your touch.
I see the pastry of your love.
I devour the fruits of your sensuality.
You are one exquisite dessert.
Aug 2019 · 161
Bill Johnston Aug 2019
Driving home, I saw the shades beyond the white line
walking the ditch.
Then I knew the sun would not shine that tomorrow.
The night took me in its arms, not letting me go.
The next day I visited you.
You were happy I came to see you.
After that, your smile glowed, and you slept.
The following day, family arrived.
That afternoon, I sobbed.
Three days later, we said the prayer for the dead.
It's been three years plus.
I still feel your presence.
Because of you, I continue.
Aug 2019 · 98
It Happens
Bill Johnston Aug 2019
Saw her.
Fell hard.
She didn't.
Bill Johnston Aug 2019
A mystery photo
of cul de sacs.
Someone  I loved
for many years,
and she loved me.
The dress is a mystery,
yet I never asked her.
And her friends and
family(including her
first beau) did not
A truly mysterious
Overlapped our getting acquainted.
Aug 2019 · 119
Bill Johnston Aug 2019
Powdered dust
beneath our feet,
brown grass, and
dry air is the atmosphere.
Nothing grows in this
environment, still we
have excellent hydroponics
and distill water from excellent
sand traps for condensation.
The only life here, this is
still home, heart of the world.
We wait for the ships to return,
thrusters firing.
Most will leave.
I will stay.
Aug 2019 · 134
Bill Johnston Aug 2019
Imagine your self( no pressures)
as you're immersed in
Incense tickles your
You are open, if you desire.
Your warmth  invites and
beckons us to foreplay because
we shall be baptized
in raw, wet lust
without the morning shame
after. Let us be the animals
we are.
Your choice. And I will not
lie. You may be disappointed.
Will you invite me?
We can always cuddle after
or if you prefer, instead.
Aug 2019 · 279
Wedding Day
Bill Johnston Aug 2019
Wedding day.
My fiancé
flew away.
Aug 2019 · 483
The Artists of Construction
Bill Johnston Aug 2019
Coats of paint well applied
externally and color coordinated.
The trim contrasted properly
with no smearing.
An individual work which does not
clash with the neighbors, yet
is an open invitation.
An open house built upon good
foundation and sturdy structure
which is a signature to the craftsmen
who built it and dressed it.
The nobility of trades
Aug 2019 · 102
Spring Cleaning(Maybe)
Bill Johnston Aug 2019
The new year purge
is here again.
"What's that, you want
to drive away?"
"The lake is blue
and tempting."
Fine Lake Wilson.
"Ready to hang glide,
Aug 2019 · 147
A Mystery
Bill Johnston Aug 2019
A knock on the door?
A hypnogogic state?
A blank porch.
A ghost or one of three?
A past, present, future.
A block of time.
A late night mystery.
A bedtime prayer.
A communion with the Eternal.
A Gate of God.
Lift up your heads o ye Gates!
The heavens declare The Glory of God.
The Ba'b. Baha 'u' llah.
Aug 2019 · 142
A Big Tent( a cinquain)
Bill Johnston Aug 2019
The three
ring t.v. has
clowns, elephants, a fox,
donkeys, a peacock, doves, hawks, and
Written for the Lincoln Undergound magazine's last issue in 2016; published in same.
Aug 2019 · 254
To Sleep, To Bed
Bill Johnston Aug 2019
I need to go to sleep, to go to bed,
but sometimes have an empty head.
I sit up too long, too long awake
with thoughts of our give and take.
Perhaps I'll walk into our living past
then return to present life at last.
Finally, I head to sleep, to go to bed
despite my sometimes empty head.
Aug 2019 · 425
Bill Johnston Aug 2019
Rage sits on a shelf.
It waits until united with motivation.
Then hate is lifted to the shoulder;
anger explodes in death.
Aug 2019 · 158
Bill Johnston Aug 2019
Née in hospital wash bay.
Cut the feeding tube.
Whap voice into lungs.
Nature rolls the dice.
7-11 or craps out?
Jul 2019 · 236
Zen( not a koan)
Bill Johnston Jul 2019
There is a certain
to owning a weapon of choice.
To lose it is
severing a
Jul 2019 · 90
Mean(6 word story)
Bill Johnston Jul 2019
She's mean.
They'll never
find her!
Jul 2019 · 218
Bill Johnston Jul 2019

Jul 2019 · 74
So what?
Bill Johnston Jul 2019
The science
All chemical.
So what?
who study
fall in
Jul 2019 · 128
Bill Johnston Jul 2019
We evolved together
through our ages.
Our relationship had
healthy mutations
worth preservation.
We left a legacy behind
after swimming in
the gene pool.
I lost you to extinction,
but your imprint lives
on in me.
Jul 2019 · 107
A Day
Bill Johnston Jul 2019
Sound of train,
break over change,
morning commute,
chaos born, rhythmic
perceived patterns,
moving lines,
Pop's Douhgnut Hole,
morning meets,
morning greets,
seconds, minutes,
hours, a day,
Times Arrow,
sound of train,
break over change,
evening commute,
chaos born, rhythmic
perceived patterns,
barking dogs,
children waiting,
the arms of your
True Blue, and
you thank
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