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TheIdleOwl Sep 2021
The shopper spins webs as he stumbles by the glass
A mind of fraught ideas seen from an overpass
"This neon doesn't know me, it wastes its time and energy"
He hums and dreams of an escape, and moral victory

But that which he wanted was gone, their greed had bought it all
Following the voices, to the lit up cubicle

All the rage it built in his spine, as it boiled away unsaid
Hypotheses are often, clearer in our heads
TheIdleOwl Mar 2020
The owl fluttered on swiftly,
As she saw the grass shiver,
A dive like that of an athlete,
The wind the only one with her

Miles away the bells clanged,
As the peasants woke up for their shifts,
Grabbing their hoes and shovels,
To head across the ditch

In the valley the piper bounds,
As he jumps from rock to rock,
Whistling tunes into the air,
To the ticking of a clock,

And there's a rumble from the hills,
As the gravel tumbles down,
And starts crashing over the mountain,
In the shape of a frown

Hundreds of years later,
A city there now stands,
Thousands of weary people,
Longing for the sand

What once was there has gone,
What is there now was not,
The endless spin and rhyme of time,
Bonfires on rooftops.
TheIdleOwl Jan 2020
Today my dream shattered before my eyes:

They didn't listen,
I wasn't fun,
Who is this robotic person
I've become.
TheIdleOwl Jan 2020
We all know the darkness,
We've all felt the light,
We all want some peace at night

We're all born into different situations,
But feel the same things
TheIdleOwl Jan 2020
Liquid sparkles clear,
Drops skip off our paddles,
The island's in the distance,
I hear your breath.
TheIdleOwl Jan 2020
I stood out on the beach listening to Runaway and I have never felt so lost.
So utterly, gloriously lost.
The waves splashed before me in the dark, though I could barely make them out.
The lights flashed reassuringly in the distance.
The mountains invited me, I was a speck of dust in the glorious universe.
A pin-***** of matter in an explosion of stars.
A thing without meaning.
A physical entity with no home.
TheIdleOwl Dec 2019
I try to listen to my feet now,
Hear the crunch before it begins,
The lime green of the leaves,
Sings on as my hair thins

Will someone come to save us,
Has the extractor lost its legs
I woke up in this hell hole,
And everyone had lost their heads,

And I just wish that the sun,
Would evaporate all I've won,
It all ascends invisibly,
Like life before a gun
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