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Amanda Jul 2018
Crackle, sizzle, snap,
Fire burns intensity
Too hot to notice.
K Balachandran Nov 2017
Evening sun's, hot pulsating lips,
fervently seek the ocean blue, touch
for a sizzling, long,passionate kiss.
The ecstasy resulted makes inroads
as waves of anesthetic darkness,
engulfing the glow of consciousness
bringing the world as a whole
in to a soporiferous languor,pleasurable.
Zero Nine Jul 2017
The new ghosts of old loss are coming 'round again.
They're wearing their adult size shoes in the young sun of mem'ry.
Never has there been such a sizzle. HOT. HOT.
Fingers. They put their fingers in the children.
Into the past and reach for damage.
The new ghosts of old ghosts
Want to get their fingers on my
Past, would you imagine that?
Nicole Raymond Oct 2016
I am the summer sparkler,
Clutched between the
Sticky fingers of a child.  

I burn bright and fast,
My shivers lingering
Behind closed eyelids.

I shutter with light,
Brought to life with a match,
Dripping with flare.

I am kindled and caressed
By the night air and
The eyes of all.

I am a short lived passion,
Marveled and held tightly
Until I sizzle into darkness.
Kerri Nov 2015
If given the chance,
we could make fireworks,
I'd ignite
the fire beating in your chest,
and create
a beautiful E X P L O S I O N.
I'd taste the sizzle on your tongue,
a searing blaze glowing in my mouth.
Wrapped up in our own fervid inferno,
we would
        melt together,
into a galaxy on fire.

— The End —