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Red rained lips of the blue winds soaring.
It is all coming together like reckless memory magnets
Alone with prize high,
Painful pulse for the month's ending,
Rain convulsed,
As you stretched one hand out.
Laughter drips for you reached about the stacking strain,
Drained out dry of bright champagne.
Red rained lips of the blue winds calling.
© Teri Darlene Basallote Yeo
By the stairs side
A tall stranger taking coats
White bags and light hats for that
Easy fumed air
Beside the wide-eyed picture
Framing the dark horses
Trampling with laughter over the growing lawn.

A grey-shaded blooming shudder
Covering over the other,
Catches the light,
Hats seated,
cover over the other
Entrancing over the etched dancers lined against the walls.
Mountains that grew over the ancient
fire, could still be moved.
Behold, the sky's desire.
Coral steps weave and weaved along deeply thick,
I am dark tea as warm as the dripping wax of the melting candle caught by its holder
In search for your hands in the cooing night
As you grew colder.

The nightly strings that are ripping
For a dancing gentle lily.
The day distracts what the night can give in the coral silence and sticky speed.
All day I quest for the nightfall's shower of retreat
and surrender.
The darkness loses
inside caves and shelters where the sun visited over and over.
On a green leaf
For frogs
Illuminated by the surface under
There she sits on
A part
A piece I looked as a picture
Dazing wondrously and scouring with pairs
My sandals my feet my hands
All my fingers and nails
My ears
My toes of ten
and legs
Knees and my shoulders
The missing piece
or so i thought under
The afterthought
Full of doubters
For the plants grew all tall
None could be any taller
Dazzling danglers
A field under the stars.

Girly willed as am I
Which could not seem possible
Acceptance aches
Belief breaks
Even the words I speak, write or sing,
(Shall I
Hear it...)
over there it only echos
against the busy chatter and travels back home
Clogs *******
Reminding me that a life can be extinguished with mere
Disbelief and ignorance another pair...
Girly willed as I am
Nodding behind books
Fiction, fiction, fiction
They neigh
So here I go...
Thankful prayer as it did happen to us..
And all of it did
That it was I who did it.

Fuels of her pair
by flying passion and wild innocence
A human being
Limitless like the others
Why don't they not see? The rest, the stops,
The same scene, there is exactly the same scene...of falls.
If they just went out and did it, for a stretch and a walk,
Just grow out of leaves, be the branches printed of feathery crease
Because I am girly willed
Golden meadows lost to become treasure.
Fearless of rags she is as I am,
Laying afloat of the clouds, linen skies, seas and drifting through the weightless sand
Fearless forever.
Top hat that stretches that of the unseen tempo,
Immortal strands that willow and willow,
She pulled on.

In the realm
With no edge.
In my dreams,
Remissive as the dawn
As the blinding beauty basket
All furry frights turned
All starry smile white
All bright
and kept in sight
Keys that were a silent trick
Tuned and replaced
My smile that became magic-magic.
I woke up from a dream
But I did not leave

It was past
It was
all up in history
How many
Too plenty

Kisses at every stop light
Every stop light
And there he sang
Green lights
Sights shut tight.

There was no end,
But it is still late
We did not catch the divine train
in the end,
Penny vase made from
the brown voided canyon rusting.
Friends that were made of waste,
they said time was simply turning,
the boat spoke back and said the depth of ones nature
could walk on water
But a deep voice
Was all that sprayed in pungent
aerosol and

Do we need to be on the same boat?
To drift into the beguiling surf?
Better if we were dispersed
Dropped by the caving soft curve
Sliding through the unseen wash, watching your muddy glare.
Track the force in
blueberry motion
pulling and pushing us,
a sollen hand
and flying sleeve
The touch of flaunting fingertips and strings,
The fluttering wick
Swing and swished.

The chest of wonders beaming
a map
and lines like hay and wires
They were all exposed in the lines of her eyes

You frightened me that sleepy day
The dusted arsenal stick
Casted me on a rod made of hibiscus dew and syrup
A venomous hook that entangled my earrings
The push and her wave of desire,
To her treasure,
Reeled it now all over her wet webbed feet.
and pressure
of the rocks falling against the time ticking
Hours away from the swaying shore.
The meaning of the word ''sollen'' in Dutch provided by Wiktionary,

From Middle Dutch sollen, from Middle French soller.

to throw back and forth (of a ball)
to play, to mess
We laten niet met ons sollen!
We won't let anyone mess with us!

© Teri Darlene Basallote Yeo
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