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Crummy Feb 4
The snow may fall

But I'll hold my tears
Alone I face my haunting fears

The snow may fall

Against my tongue
But I feel nothing, all is numb

The snow may fall

Atop my home
Unlike those flakes, I'm all alone

The snow may fall

Yet never land
For this is it, my final stand.
The snow outside my window inspired this one.
Sindi Kay Oct 2018
***** subway floors
Good commutes

Up these Gotham city walls

Water dripping down a ***** stall

Cold winter cough you can hear
Homeless mans stare
on your case
Guilt and relief mold your face
John Pilgrim Oct 2018
i don't do poetry
yet here i am writing prose
thinking of summer woes

i do not do poetry
i find it trivial, yet
it  makes me feel

emotions do not leave me
and i only hope
text to binary
can bring me silence
from the deafening screams
of wanted dreams

because i could not love in the way i want to.
The world lies in a quiescent state;
Darkness robs even more of the light
from a planet
steadily growing colder.

Sounds of the breeze exhaling down the
spine of the Old Oak makes me
cringe. What's happened
to the songs of the forest?

This woodland heart, frozen solid by
Old Man Winter's icy fingertips,
sleeps peacefully
among lives that are on pause.

A bitter kiss from the old man's lips
and we are prepared for our slumber.
Eternal dreams
preface our resurrection.
Darling, don't forget,
    or regret,
       the depths of this pain.

Wild flowers bloom
   only after
       it's been pouring rain.
r Feb 2015
play me an air
   a bluebird lament
something meant for the breathing
  to remember

  all i want to hear
is a soft melody
  sad as the winter
still on the wind

     let your bow waltz
on the strings of my heart
     let the sound
  of your fiddle
set sail

play me an air
   like the bluebird did
     while i dance
  with the snow
in my hair.
r ~ 2/25/15
Anneke Jan 2015
Winter is going to **** me-
force me to dig my own grave
and shove me in it
before I can catch my breath.

— The End —