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Crummy Mar 2
I lay out the paper
I pick up my pen
I rattle my head again and again
Yet nothing emerges, I draw a blank
Just like this paper, all but blank
This mind far from empty, my thoughts race
Yet I can't get them down, can't find a pace
This mind of mine, so sporadically poetic
This mind of mine, equally pathetic.
Crummy Mar 2
You were once a part of me
A piece that I lacked,

now you're a piece I don't ever want back.

Crummy Feb 18
If they really knew what's good for me

They'd turn away and leave me be

It's for the better.
Sometimes I just wish the world would leave me alone.
Crummy Feb 16
My body still
My mind amok
I found myself consumed by thoughts,

Thoughts I wish I'd rather hadn't
For I can't sleep as they run rampant,

My mind hunts down and strikes my soul
It strips me of my only role,

If I find sleep; when will I wake,
Is it then I'll know what choices to make?
Anyone else just lye in their self destructive thoughts at night?
Crummy Feb 6
Don't look now,
but my heart is in two

The last I'd think to be hurt by is you

I wish I'd known this prior to our post,
that those who love you know how to hurt you most

So don't look now,
but there's a dead end

For you and I can never start again.
This one's from one broken heart to another.
Crummy Feb 5
There is no rhythm

There is no rhyme

Having an opinion is no crime.
Mutual respect, we could use more of it.
Crummy Feb 4
The snow may fall

But I'll hold my tears
Alone I face my haunting fears

The snow may fall

Against my tongue
But I feel nothing, all is numb

The snow may fall

Atop my home
Unlike those flakes, I'm all alone

The snow may fall

Yet never land
For this is it, my final stand.
The snow outside my window inspired this one.
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