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Like sodden fleece
on gathered sheep
clouds trundle, dark and low.
Across the sky,
and sun's white eye,
they flock where seagulls go.

I kneel ashore
where dune meets moor,
the wind beneath my scarf.
With pen in hand,
I sketch the land
and, on its pall, remark:

"This autumn day
of ***** and clay
yawns grey and baleen wide.
It makes me miss
spring's briny kiss
and summer's sequined tides.

But as I mourn
and brace, forlorn,
for winter's coming wight,
my soul is soothed
by nature's truth:
'Day always follows Night.'"
chichee May 3
I over-salt the cannelloni
again, you laugh and swallow
my tongue
It's an apple sky, crisp and sweet and something
to sink our teeth into-
the radio plays
something in
double beat
ba-dump ba-dump
Living room hearts.
Hope it made you smile
Jac Apr 24
on a warm summer night in July
a young girl settled down in the valley of roses
lips curved up in a smile
while the grass tickled her fingers
her eyes wandered up to the sky
at the stars who were beaming

the moon felt bright
she was in love with the sight
zee Apr 12
i think of people as if they're stars
billions are existing, brightly shining
each star necessary to complete variations of constellations
but when one star dies out, you can never complete it.

much like people,
billions are existing, brightly shining
unaware of the purpose they have
blinded by other's lights they forget their own
forgotten brightness, they forget the purpose they have
in other's lives.
i looked up one night to stop myself from crying but instead i was captured by the most beautiful mess of twinkling stars, almost blinded of how brightly lit they were.
My favorite thing is playing the guitar with you.
We go over the chords and laugh when our fingers do the wrong dance.
You get the patterns faster than me so I sing along while you strum.
I know you’re watching me while I sing so I close my eyes.
Because if we made eye contact I’d probably start laughing and ruin the whole song.
My favorite thing is our platonic, musical friendship.
This isn’t profound, really it's profanity.

I’m far from crazy but on the brink of insanity.
I can’t think straight, sometimes, but I can never stop till he stops calling for me.

All of my addictions, yeah they really caught up to me.
Coughin' out what’s written like the words come from God or something.

I don’t know though, really I am lost.

Like in the jungle of my thoughts and the trees keep branching out
and the growth will never stop.
The greenery is beautiful; when it rains it pours.
When it stops raining I start begging him for more,
until I realize the rain is what I need to enjoy the scene.

The seasons are essential in order to dream.
Invocation Jan 26
I keep sending messages to girls that I wouldn't want to read if it were me
Or maybe I'm talking down about myself for no reason and the ladies love it when I tell them how pretty they are
It's not I expect to get laid with kindness
I just gush about **** I like
Sue me, I'm a nerd for those curves
I wouldn't mind some cozy *** though
clem turner Jan 24
step out of your bones for awhile
let my voice soothe you,
just let me drive.

you've been thinking too hard.

sit back.
you have time to relax,
before they come back;
and dig their fingernails in:
an attack.

i'll keep you safe.
my hands, like headphones,
framing your face.
close your eyes i'll take you

i'll squeeze your shoulder
like a promise.
if you can trust me
with three minutes.
my words, immortal
in your pocket.

you've been thinking too hard.
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