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Terry Collett Jul 2017
The coach drew up
at the base camp
in Malaga.

Miriam and I
got off
and eyed the scene
the area of tents
and bars
and camp restaurant
and the club house
where they had discos
in the evening until late.

We followed our guide
who showed us
where our tents were.

I was with an ex-army guy
Miriam was with
some other dame.

See you later
at the bar
she said.

Will do
I replied.

The ex-army unzipped
the tent
we clambered in
with our bags
then he zipped up again.

Better than
the last camp
he said morosely.

I placed by bag
to one side
and got out
my sleeping bag
and lay on it
to rest
for a short while.

He unpacked
his sleeping bag
(better than mine
probably ex-army)
and lay down
staring at the roof
of the tent.

He talked about
his army days
and about his mother's
new boyfriend
and how he didn't
get on with him
and how he only left
the army because
of his nerves
and depression.

I listened
but in my mind's eye
it was Miriam
there *******
and I thinking
that a blessing.
Terry Collett Jul 2016
We slept on the coach
from Madrid to Malaga
apart for getting out for meals
and to stretch our legs

Miriam sat next to me
sometimes laying
her head on my shoulder
other times looking out
at the passing Spanish scenes

that last meal was nice
she said
I could have eaten more

so that is why you
were nibbling my ear
back there?
I said

no that was
for different reasons
she said
if we were alone
on this coach
instead 30 odd of us
I'd have you
on the back seat

not sure the driver
we'd be pleased us
******* on his back seat
I said

when we get to Malaga
and in our tents
maybe *** can be
on the cards
she said

but you share
with that quiet girl
who wouldn't say
boo to a goose
not sure she'd
appreciate it
I said

she laughed
not with her
or with her there

Piccaso was born there
I said
my favourite artist

was he?
she said

yes and there's
a Roman theatre there too
I said

not too much culture please
she said

I said

she unzipped my jeans
and her put hand inside
to investigate my pecker
her fingers
like a bird's beak
pecking at it

I held her hand
and removed it

you'll have to wait
until we hit camp
I said

she sighed
and put her hand back
in her lap

I placed my hand
on her thigh
and touched her skin

she smiled
but wouldn't
let me in.
Terry Collett May 2016
That base camp at Malaga
tents and bars
and a wash-house

and showers
and best of all
of course

(after the bogs
and showers)
was the bar

and Miriam said
there's a disco tonight
at this place

you coming?
of course
why not

as long as you're here
and there's *****
I said

so we went
and it was hot
and there was too

many bodies dancing
(or such as
it was called)

and you had to fight
your way to the bar
through tides of people

in all kinds of clothing
and body smells
and hair styles

and girls with too much ****
so it blocked your way
and then once you got

to the bar you had
to make the bar keeper
understand your language

and if he could hear
through the din
of disco music

you eventually
got your drinks
and Miriam was over

in a corner at a table
she hogged
from some French guys

and she said
some guy pinched my ****
did he bring it back?

I said
she snorted through her nose
bringing up the last

drop of coke
I'm seriously
she said

sorry about that
and gave her her drink
and sipped my

*** and coke
and looked around the place
to see who may

have pinched her ****
but there were
too many bodies

dancing away
and chugging about
so I sat and said

I guess you have
a cute ****
and someone needed

to touch it to see
if it was real
maybe so

she said
but it's
my **** still.

— The End —