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Raino Jan 2018
The nights drags on
Lost in my thoughts
Listen to lofi songs
The mind is a healthy fruit till it rots
I lay here awake
Thinking of everything
Every possible mistake
About my future and and my past really just anything
The night fills my head with hopes and dreams
Wheres the knowlege that I lack
Is it hidden in time with bigger and better things?
I'm on a knowlege train trynna get on track
Picking up all the peices of my life
Trynna not to get bitter but better
Hoping to put together something right
Its time I switch around those letters
All I got is all I need
I'm only human
I'll always bruise and Ill always bleed
Imma changed man
With a PEACE of mind
And all this came
From a restless night....
Raino Dec 2017
Time has been so cruel
I couldn't blame you so I blame me
Open your eyes I wish you could see
My life's a great Jewel
Lately I feel lost
Lemme know if you find me
I can't put the past behind me
Had to put life on a pause
Until I figured it all out
I gotta hold of it now
Like tick tack toe
I gotta X out the Nos  
And open the doors
My life is so much more
I embrace the Os
Can't lose faith in my hope
Poetry became my way to stop the pain
My life isn't perfect
But I'm sure is worth it
For once I see sunshine instead of Rain

— The End —