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Oct 2018
Im the evil seed sent to devour the land and sea. Your body of tears and fears looks so delicious me. I hide in the shades of your broken beliefs. Your souls a token on my road to deceive. The patterns on these planets, pyramids and black majick. Satan and Saturn. A homeless overdosed adicted addict. 23 year old never won father of the year award but chu never know if you could fast forward. To a place of freedoms tomorrow.. Waving flags of blood dripped sorrows. Good men die young and the government asks if you have a dollar they could burrow. Its ****** up like a citizen ship. more like a siege my ****. You need a visa just to have a dream of some peacefulness, that's how evil is. The veils pulled over. You'll need holy braille to read the deceitfulness.
Poetry, Devil, Uprising, Adult content
Written by
evolove  29/M/victoria bc
(29/M/victoria bc)   
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