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Anais Vionet Jun 25
My mom's passionate about Newton's second law of thermodynamics.
She uses a "mom" version which can be stated as:
"Daughters tend toward disorder if not managed."
If I'm nothing else, I'm vigorously, meticulously managed like a tiger that must be turned judiciously from one situation to another lest a foot be forfeit.
"You're too young for"... is more than a formulate, it's a knife-like rule-tool, to dampen upheaval, banish trespassers, and put the "new" under glass" just out of reach. It's forever primed, there in the parenting tool-belt and can be thrown with the gunfighter's liquid, skillful ease.
So when I say I'm into something "new," I mean I've tiptoed into that Tartarus where you find the scandalous, like short skirts and Internet *******.
The "new" is prima-facie proscribed until it's proven cold, safe and harmless then blessed like an old Disney movie.
Our impromptu confinement in suspending the world has allowed me unaccounted moments to sample and measure how this "new" might fit into my life.
So it is  now that I wake up every morning ready for crime and I live but a hairsbreadth from punishment yes, I've discovered one of God's greatest gifts and seductions - coffee.
After about a week, my brother, while I'm reading the news, transparently focuses my mom's attention on the cup by my iPad, by glancing, slowly with his eyes. My mom is fleetingly lost, then she alights:
"You're too young for coffee," she says.
I look up and groan.
Then, as she moves to collect the now-banned item, I send a sisterly glower to my brother who stands blithely and innocently sipping from his cup.
a poem about growing up, parenting and coffee
Anais Vionet Jun 25
(in 2017 my parents wanted to move us to Shenzhen, China - for a year)

No luminous field of stars tonight and no rain as yet, just booming thunder and the play of light on darkness.

I lay in a grass clearing, watching the sky. Swirling clouds and flashes of light - bright streaks - as far as the eyes can see.

Wind whips the trees, the sky, my hair. Leaves irregularly blow by as if in a hurry or perhaps debris from some strange slow-motion explosion.

I feel at home in this chaos. This angry sky mirrors my mood, my life at this moment. The next few days, next few hours will change everything, for me, or nothing. My future looms suddenly dark, frightening and empty.

Am I really caught in this plan, this parental gravity, this storm, that can upset my entire life, where years of furious work are meaningless??

There is no compass for dreams, they know only passionate directions. I’ve defended them as best I could, like a lioness, a lover, but there’s no stopping a storm.. I guess.

As the rain begins I know one thing.. I will not move..
About how my teen life is dependent on greater family plans
Anais Vionet Jun 25
Parents, the keepers of the door to this amazing universe..

To them I am a fragile sapling, staked for its own good. Protected from sweet kisses, funny and salty, somber and delicious.

Parents, those figures of authority - from whom our true lives are kept.

Protect me from scars no deeper than a blush, from rustles on a soft battlefield, caressed curves, tousled hair and appetitive breaths of each others air.

Parents, who guard against loves bombardment, the persistent courtship. Giving ground in slow but immense movement, like those of continental plates.

Parents, whose power will fade with no more cause than time, gentle as mist, as powerful as a waterfall.
A poem about growing up and parents (from a teen view)
Anais Vionet Jun 25
What's the scariest book you ever read? ... Some Stephen King book like Salem's Lot or The Shining? For me it's Kate Millett's ****** Politics ... Oh, man ... Now THAT will scare you to death if you're female.

I discovered a man, overheard at my church, who actually believes his *** is a sign of power and of superiority. WHY am I so startled? Some childish trust not yet scrubbed off?" Or worse yet, some belief, not yet strangled, in a better world? See, stupid me, I thought this bill had been paid, by sufferance, by real people like Elizabeth Stanton, Carrie Catt and Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. ... by entire generations who ran through those tangled woods emerging cut and bruised ... if at all.

What is it like for HIM? I see him eyeing us, his little inferiors who bleed with the moon, with secret, catlike distaste ... regarding female opinions as slightly impure ... then, with calm, Godlike grace, granting females the forms of servant to assume.

Can I, can we, be forced to accept this inheritance? I don't know ... All I know is that this prejudice, so strangely without substance, strikes me like a dueler's lucky ******, robbing me of attendant rights and wit ... springing a tender trap of doubt in the future and abandoning me to stammering.
a free verse piece about sexism equality and about growing up
Dvali Taytem Jun 19
Here’s a catch-twenty-two
You’re ****** up when you’re ****** up
****** up when you’re not
5-7-5 is the format I know of, though there could be others. I’ll not pretend to know a great deal.
To the one who stood by your side!
when life took u on a roller coaster ride!
In all times , high and low!
when life gave you a sudden blow!
she held your hand and gave you light!
when you cried for help in the darkest night!
she pushed you to have faith and give it a start!
she is there always, when a beat was skipped by your heart!
to the one who asked u to catch the train in the life's station!
to the one who made you believe that you are a beautiful creation!
indeed God sends some angels in disguise!
who only makes a sea of happiness from the tears of your eyes!
have faith, when you go down..!
don't be a puppet of the negative clown!
to the friend who said this all!!
who told you, you will stand tall!!
....friends like these are fairies and blessing..!
... who sticks by you and clears all your messing..!
A N Keerthana Rao
Mansi Jun 15
I don't hate you
You were my favorite person
Growing up

I'm just disappointed in how
Different you are
From what I remembered
Poetic T Jun 14
She never cared what I pulled up in,
                we ad a date, 911..
on the side of our ride.

We were late blue lights
             shining bright like her eyes.

Getting  there on time, left the blue
    shining after we left,.
      Temporarily leaving the cam on..

Smile ******* this is us,
                  eyes and a  camo only seen :)

               But underneath
we smiling,
                        catch us if you can,

prints wiped..

                   Were not a bonny & clide,
The new generation,
tip-toing on the lines that blur
                                            with everyday.

I don't have a car but I'll pick you up,
            it doesn't  matter if your down,

I'll always pick you up.

            Turning that frown from

a negative to a flashing,
            whoops we have to ditch

                     before were arrested lol.
Colin Mulligan Sep 2019
For my situation in life
I don’t blame my parents
or anything like that,
They may well have been crap
And ****** me up
(Just Like Larkin said)
But blaming others won’t change anything,
It is as it is
And I try and take ownership
Rather than mitigate and delegate

Over the years
I’ve met many people who look back in anger,
Blame all the faults they have,
All the problems they’ve encountered,
On their parents
Or others,
How they were raised as kids
Else treated at school by a teacher.
And, you know,
Maybe it’s true
And maybe it’s not,
But I try hard
Not to linger,
To doff
And point an accusatory finger.

Standing naked and alone
Facing with all your faults,
Taking ownership is difficult
And accountability *****,
But when the blade of justice swings
It’s important - even for such a schmuck as me -
To face the consequences,
Not to duck!
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