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No one is
everyone has
troubles and struggles.
You just need
to learn
to rise up from the
swaggmaster Feb 5
he got suspended this week
trying to act on his wishes
i just thought you were speaking
but then you were peaking
no time for thinking.

as a child
we realized the world could be conquered
longing for the wild
and searching for the sign
that will make it all better

searching for a sweater
to cover all the chatter

theme music bumping
not a care to be trumping

life erupting
anxiety inhaling
nervous thoughts prevailing

you've really grown up.
Skywlkr Feb 5
I Like To Hide Away From the Fact I Will See Anougher Day,
I Would Rather Just Live in The Same Old One So the Thoughts Of Tommorow Are Gone,
No Anxiety Of,
"do I need to wake up again"
No Anxiety Of,
"Hoping My Tears Will Show Restrain, For I am Tired Of This Train,
Speeding From My Mind To My Heart Me and the Days Should Stay Apart Around People I Fell Like a Lingering **** so I'm Out Of there like a Dart.
For Once Again I Am so Sleepy I need my rest I Hope Tommorow Won't Follow Me.............
So much I wish to share about my experience with Anxiety I barely sleep I really really hate sleep because when I wake up I sometimes cry I hate sleep because I'm scared I will wake up again
mars Feb 4
Salty undertones of emotions that rot within me, ignored love triangles discarded into the depths of my mind to be saved when I am reminded of them on my lovers wedding day, although it is not me he is vowing his life too.
I miss the moments between us the loud, soft, noiseless moments of our love written by my quill pen the tips of it bleeding onto the parchment paper. I could write our love story in a hundred poems, but in my voice I can only tell you emotionless how I loved you one day and then did not the next.
I am one for words on paper but the words from my mouth are incomprehensible covered by years of lying and abuse, cocooned by my own psychological reins.
It doesn't make sense but that is how we left one another.
Without notice and unpredictable like the hurricanes that roll in from the warm oceans and obliterate thousands.
Beat me up

until my skin turns blue

Slice me up

until my blood dries out

Choke me hard

until my throat can't shout

End my life

so i can meet with my lover...

im coming darlin
It’s a beautiful ride.
Everything that only matters
To you is there.

My drive has shoulder kisses,
And my favorite beer,
Jasmine tea,
And honey.

There’s miles and miles of green leaves,
Look up at the sky
And there’s snow encrusted trees.

Pots of coffee,
And smiles from practically strangers,
But at the end?

What’s at the end?

No where.

All the way things I find
Joy in,
The things that I live for,
Don’t take me anywhere.
Leigh Marie Feb 1
4.The last time you kissed me was the first time you kissed me with the lights on, standing

1. We even were able to outstay the jazz band/laughing as they passed the bass off the stage

6. You said there was no connection

5. I showed you how to dance, just to be near to you, again

4. We ****** like our bodies were familiar/ your skin was no longer a stranger to my sheets

1. You told me you had fun and we should do it again, sometime

6. You told me you had fun, but had to sort out your feelings

3. We slept, ***** and familiar

6. I was harsh with my words

7. I apologized/ I am no longer decifering your intentions

7. I think I hurt you, too

2. By the end of the night, our hands were stuck to each others magnetic bodies

4. We kept missing the train

7. I still miss you

8. Will we see each other, again?
Enzo Jan 31
I fancy you
You fancy me
So we go to a fancy dinner
At a fancy place
With a fancy view
As far as the eyes can see
Everything is fancy
Since we both fancy each other
What better way to end this fancy night,
Than with a totally non fancy tongue-wilding sloppy wet smooch and kiss?
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