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MaeW Dec 2018
I’ve never fallen in love
So I don’t know the feeling
But I’ve heard someone say:
It is a lot like
A hug long needed
I’ve never felt love
And I want to know the feeling
Is it talking
To someone like you?
Because if so,
That explains why my hearts beating
But is it love
How do I know?
There are no butterflies,
I feel safe
And at home.
I don’t feel fear or anxiety
And your words of my lips
Show me
It’s home
Is it love?
I’d say so!
MaeW Dec 2018
One breath, two, two breaths, three- you got better and left me.
One breath a time, I’ll get better.
Two breaths a time, you may understand.
This is to my suicidal best friend.
I’ll still love you, even if you die young.
I’ll still love you, even if you don’t understand.
I’ll still love you if you cry.
MaeW Apr 2018
I haven't taken a sip of coffee since the day that you left.
Life's become boring
Days never end
Nights don't sleep
The bitterness is much too strong to bear
The black orbs that once held that liquid
Sit empty on the shelves
I haven't taken a sip of coffee since the day that you left.
And my eyes aren't blue
For they have seen grey
And my soul isn't pure
For it has witnessed death
And lies are drugs
Luring sailors to their demise
That soft voice in the middle of the night
Calling. Begging. Pleading.
The hallucinations are alright, I guess
It's nothing that a cup of coffee won't fix
But I haven't taken a sip of coffee since you left
Not one drop
Not a single one  
Yet I still see you standing there
In the mirror of your grave
In the eyes of the beholder thy beauty lays
A drop of water, wasted in the forest
A drop of water, long forgotten
Fell through the tap
On a cold summer morning
The tap fixed and no more water wasted
I have drunk three cups of coffee now
And although I see you still
Now you are happy
And your beauty is within

— The End —