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ktle Jun 15
My mind used to run
A day ahead
And sometimes
It would get lost in
Weeks ahead.

All I can think about
Is you and me
Feet buried in cool sand.
One towel to shield us
From the ocean breeze.
My head on your shoulder
Your head resting against mine.

And how beautiful it is—
The world in our now.
and i hope our now can last forever
Adrian Nov 2017
I suppose
I might have liked you more
before you liked me
when you were a
castle in the sky
a faraway dream
for others to have and to hold
but not me
certainly not me
when you were a
shining vision
of unattainability
I suppose
I've always been this way
always wanted more
wanted what I can't have
bored when I get it
always wishing
always wanting
dragging myself through the pain
in order to say
"look, I survived it
look, how strong I am"
that I caused it
so I don't know
if I can deal with
your sudden attainability
don't know
if I can coerce myself through
the boredom of
Sky May 2014
When he found out the earth was not round, but in fact straight

He showed that green eyed, pin-straight, black haired, angel-kissed girl  

And in return she closed his eyes, spun him around and pushed him off the face of the earth

— The End —