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Alex Sep 2019
Falling in darkness...
Arms out for help...the void extends its hand
Sadness and despair embraces me...
A blindness overtakes me...
For now I see the truth
The once fading light of a candle was the creator
The smoke that rose once gone...his ghost
For it fades into nothing...
Nothing from which it came from and which it returns...

In measurement of time man is a grain of sand in an hourglass as big as the universe itself. Every moment captured in memory makes that hourglass fill...Every failure...every triumph is another grain that time it will be covered by time we shall all be forgotten....Can you tell me what moment in time did the first grain fall? What moment will be the last? Who will tilt the glass in the end?
Every time i listen to Samuel Barber - Agnus Dei I feel the highs and lows of every moment I have ever lived. I have never truly been a religious man but if I was to ever believe in a higher being it be that which let man create music such as this.
Keiya Tasire Sep 2019
Inner Light
There are days and nights
when the smog in the city
Is so thick
You can not see the stars

Yet if you get above
The Smog
You Can See the Stars!
What to see more stars?

When meteor showers
Light up the sky
Trees pointing
To your personal star
Keep looking
And their colors will appear
Wonder-mint-fully Amazed!

For Between Heaven and Earth we stand
Under the star lite sky
Pure whole
Divine Love

Day by day
Walking between Heaven and Earth
Beneath Our Bright Star
In and out of the storm
Unaware of who we really are
Or from where we have come

Then it begins!
A stirring from deep within
Catching a glimer of awareness
Yes! There it is!!!

Our eyes begin to see
Turing from
The shadows
It is shinning!
The Power of our Star!!!

Good morning
It's a new day!
@ In Spirit
The story of our journey of coming to our own inner self awareness.
In and out of the darkness and the storms. Then re remember that we have always known how to look above the fogs into the stars. When we keep looking we begin to find  our inner light and inner wisdom.
To enjoy the video created especially for poem go to:
CarolineSD Aug 2019
Sometimes I send my spirit to the hills
And then down to the rippling creek
Now raging from the permeating spring rains.

I have always done this,
Perhaps to let my spirit rest within some other element
That is not myself.

I just exhale her away into the rock, the ridges, the river,
As easy as a breath into the winds of early summer.

And there she lies down, gently,
And becomes these other things;

Things that are not fear, or self-doubt, or a
Racing heart at night wondering if I am,
Perhaps, doing it all wrong.

No, she is now like the fawn that knows only
The scent of fresh grass and the ever-rising prairie sun.

She is like the fluttering of the aspen leaves on the
Highest edges of the cliffs,
Loose and wild,
Careless in the wind, since when they fall, they decompose,
Simply to begin again.

There is a space between my ribs through which she leaves
And the tears on my cheeks then wait to cease as she settles within

The rock, the ridges, the river,

And when I am beat down, hurt, scared,

I look up to the hills and tell myself,

Send your spirit

Written a few months ago, but true, always.
Derrick Jones Jul 2019
Flowing together like an ocean
A sea full of emotion
Peace, love, and unity
My new community
I am one with everyone
The night has just begun
I am not just having fun
I am glowing like the sun

I am connected to you
You are connected to me
When we flow together
We can finally flow free

There is enough space for the energy to go
There is enough heat for my cheeks to glow
There is friction-free transparency
I am you and you are me
As we are bobbing in this sea
I spot a rainbow manatee

He is followed by a neon dolphin
And a purple jelly close behind
As we join them in our swim
I lovingly lose my mind

Uniting with my forest fam
I transcend my narrow space
I am now part of I am
I am no longer behind my face

I am part of a greater being
Immersed in meaning
Life is fleeting
So no conceding
Dance unceasing
Merge with grace
To the human race
And find your place
Right where you are
No need for any effort
Effervescent in the dark
Tonight’s the night you light the spark
You shine until you blind
The dark eye that tricks your mind
That warps your intuition
Now you have x-ray vision
You see through false division
You have finally solved fission
You melt into everyone you love
As your mind transcends above
You bask in the radiant glow
Lovingly letting go, you flow
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Thanks for reading!
a goblet of salt water
for eyes bereft of tears
a mosaic from the ruins
hangs on the wings of tomorrow

Tommy Randell Feb 2019
But serious and still
In an upstairs curtained room
I balance two slender shafts of Light
One in each upturned palm

Kites resemble Poets                   Poets resemble Kites
Because they fly                                            Enthralled
Only to be held                                By upturned Faces
By outreaching Hands

It could have been the other way round.
But, as a matter of Fact
Flying this Kite today
Seems to be a matter of touch
And hardly a dangerous thing to do

Is touching Knowing finally do you think?

I close my eyes against the light
And steer the Sun
By heat alone

Seeking the purity of something

About to take place
A wonderful moment of meditative connection
H E L E N A Feb 2019
It's strange.
Progressively faint,
Denouncing a saint.

It's strained.
Every smile forced;
A pain to paint!

It's a disdain.
To detach it from my veins,
Watching my affections wane.

It's a change!
Perverse propulsion, *******
Into a new unwilling, unsuspecting
Star, sun, sky.
From the hollows of her heart.
K Balachandran Feb 2019
A mystery gripped me unawares,
One without form, shape or color
All I could make out is this dear:
Weaved  out of million fine strands
Its essence is all; all of it a mystery.
No distinguishing mark, you’ll find
Its warm grip transcends limits
In such a state I was left, for which
A name none  has ever invented
Even that’s not a need, of course
Being the one of it’s kind, a name
For the singular mystery won’t suit
It’s beyond the realm  of identities
The mystery is just that,get it right.
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