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Mythical Jun 2019
Poetry writes a story
Short and sweet
Some sad memories
Broken hearted ones
Happiness being spread
Advice giving
Poetry writes a story
What is yours my friend?
Mythical Jun 2019
Small things are beautiful,
The little suggestions,
The actions they play in life,
Can mean so much.
Mythical Jun 2019
Suffering within the time,
Suffocating the life out of me,
Crushing on my bones,
Making sure I cannot breathe..

This so call life we're living in,
Killing every inch of me,
The job I am doing,
Taking a toll...

Depression starting over again,
Anxiety hitting through the roof,
Eyes swelling up,
Feeling a little blue..
Not actually going through this. It's just something from the past.. the past makes great poetry..
Mythical Jun 2019
Short and sweet

bitterness nothing more

life continues to becoming a game
Mythical May 2019
Rain clouds flooding the sky,
Mother Nature ready to cry,
A storm of unhappiness unleashed.

All her of her feelings multiply,
Piled all into one,
Months of sorrow catching up..

While everyone is shunning her out,
We're not hearing her wishes,
She's just pouring over our heads..

Sung a song of untold,
Tears rolling down the trees,
Flowers smells slowly decrease..

How can we let this happen?
She had given us air to breathe,
A gift to explore living things..

All crumbling down into flames,
Burning and turning into ashes,
A graveyard of beautiful tombs..

Mother Nature isn't happy,
Killing all things with her power,
Hurricanes are stronger than ever,
Maybe she's just PMSing?
Mythical May 2019
We live in a crazy world,
Where friendships become fake,
Can we even trust ourselves?
Or our life in general is full of lies?
Mythical May 2019
Lavishing things aren't that great,
The small simple things matter,
It doesn't take much to make a person smile,
Small little surprises does the trick.
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