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Shamai May 8
Looking at
The canvas I wonder
What will come
From the inner recesses of my mind
And how the paint will meld
In a formation of continuing
Freedom of thought
I ponder and hesitate
Before making the first overture
Of a new beginning
For every canvas
Expresses who I am
And what I have lived
And where I want to go
In my life
And I reach forward
Brush in hand
Paint at the tip
Ready to begin anew
Shamai May 8
Sky above and sand beneath
God’s gift to us he did bequeath
The beauty of bounty is quite unique
It makes us humble it makes us meek
We honour all that we can see
This lovely Earth on which to be
So look around take in the all
See all you can of blue green sprawl
And then look deeper to who you are
In life you must become a star
And be the best of who you can
And dance with joy in God’s true plan
For only in love can you really know
Life’s truth secrets from which to grow
Inside you lives a piece of God
A part that you should sure applaud
As human we are bound to life
As soul we move beyond wildlife
We become as our maker with purity
And we become a spirit free
Shamai May 8
Is there something inside that wants to come out
Is it time to scream is it time to shout
What is all the fuss what is going around
That raises the spirit and makes a big sound
Can you guess what it is can you figure it out
Can you think and think what’s it all about
I truly don’t know just know it’s real
But it really must be quite a big deal
So shout and scream and make a noise
Standing still with equipoise
It’s time to be real it’s time to stand out
We know what it is without a doubt
Neshama it’s time to take a stand
Coming out is what you planned
To show the world what you’re about
To be yourself and just hang out
Shamai May 8
Lying in bed
I can not sleep
I’m not feeling sleepy
From my head to my feet
My thoughts are racing
I can’t keep up
I’m twichy and itching
From the day’s build up
What shall I do
How can this go on
Especially if it’s to the food
That I am drawn
Late night snacks
Stick to my hips
Oh well guess it’s time
To finish those chips
I know I should
I think I shall
Gather up all my thoughts
In one corral
And try to be still
And try to be right
Gather my covers
Wrapped around me tight
Good night to my door
Good night to my sheep
It’s time to bed down
It’s time to sleep
Shamai May 7
I am letting go of all I was
And making room
For something new
The space feels clear
And bright
With new adventures
And possibilities

An open door
Of letting in
A new way
Of seeing the world
Endless chances
To renew
And find

What is it
That makes the most
Of every
Moving one along
A path
Of enriched living
What is it
That creates
And moves self
To be more
Than they
Thought they were
What is it
Shamai May 3
Oh my goodness
It’s that time again
When I have to pay bills
And I feel the drain
It’s like all that paying
Really has no end
The money goes in
And I quickly spend
The bills pile up
I can’t buy more
Or my husband will send me
Right through the door
How do all you others
Keep up the pace
Paying bills and saving
In this crazy rat race
Would barter be easier
Save a penny or two
So much to understand
I wish I knew
So I’ll keep up the pace
As best I can
And focus on freedom
In this very life span
Shamai May 3
I was walking along the water
And decided to take a seat
Because my rhythm I was losing
And I couldn’t keep the beat
I looked into the water
I was not far from the street
And what I saw surprised me
And it really was a treat
I saw an old lady smiling
And it truly was so sweet
She was happy with her life
And other people she liked to greet
The day was beautiful
A rising heat
Didn’t bother her
As she raised her feet
She looked into the water
Just passed the concrete
And what she saw
Was quite offbeat
She saw a woman
Who was quite complete
She’d lived her life
Without conceit
Gave love to all
At every retreat
She remembered others
Who could lie and cheat
They took advantage
And were not upbeat
It’s important to remember
It’s not the athlete
But the one who takes care
And has no cheat sheet
Remember the other
That is on your street
Remember to step forward
And not take a backseat
For love is the answer
If you feel incomplete
Step forward with love
And be discreet
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