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Shamai Jan 13
Today I wrote of good and bad
The shadow of the other
Both needed to make our lives work
For sister and for brother
Without dark we can’t have light
For one compliments the other
Although I find dark hard to swallow
I’d rather have no other
For light shines brighter with dark behind
To make it’s glow more pure
For when dark thoughts come to our mind
The light will be our cure
So hold on tight to your life’s journey
As you sway from left to right
For life is like a game of sorts
As we move from dark to light
Inside we have capacity
To hold on to them both
As we move on our journey
To consciousness of growth
And soon our wisdom place we’ll find
And understand it all
That we have come from far and wide
In humility we stand tall
Shamai Jan 13
Did you know that life is like
The flitting by of birds
With each encounter life slips by
And we run out of words
So grab on tight and don’t let go
Make each encounter count
Live each breathe to its fullest
And gather your amount
Of Karma, there is good and bad
For each we must abide
The good brings good, the bad brings bad
We balance on each side
Until we reach a point from where
We finally understand
That living life in purity
Should really be our brand
Think out each thought before you speak
Let thought be pure with love
Let encounters be true and meaningful
And come from up above
The character from which you live
Is who you will become
Let each day each breathe bring true love
And show where you come from
Shamai Jan 13
Today I thought that I would write
A line or two of words
That speak to others from in my heart
That chatter like the birds
That sit on high on small perched wires
And know what they are for
That speak of life and other things
That reach deep in the core
For life is flitting and soon is gone
We must make the best of time
Each breathe is counted until the’re gone
Until we reach our prime
So make each day your very best
Change out what should be gone
And act in your best interest
As life goes on and on
Make each day count
Let breathes be smooth
As you go on your way
And know that who you really are
Is who is going to stay
Shamai Jan 1
How odd it is
That in the not knowing
Wisdom emerges
And takes us by the hand
And leads us to our tomorrow
Even knowing
Shamai Jan 1
Life has no meaning
Without love
A continuous quagmire
Of not knowing
Until the right equation
Of feeling held
And knowing love
I sit in the space
Of reaching in
And knowing
The true authentic
Of love
Shamai Jan 1
Enraptured by G-d
Anchored and lost at sea
Aimless with no purpose
Floundering while finding a space
In which to breathe
Knowing the right
And questioning the wrong
Light and darkness
In cloudy mists
Of feeling lost
In a sea
By G-d
Shamai Dec 2023
Beauty can mean so many things
A wind, a rose, some butterfly wings
Some people use colour while others decline
Some people use music while others use wine
For some it’s collections of things that they love
For others it’s guidance from those up above
For me beauty is simple it’s minimal it’s less
Take away all the clutter let go of the mess
A clean mind a simple mind helps me to think well
For me having nothings is really quite swell
Add in a few items and stress starts to build
Take them away again and I’ll be really quite thrilled
So decorators don’t thrill me and styles fade away
A peaceful demeanor and less makes my day
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