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aspen wilde Jan 4
i can remember the pain,
but unlike most other pain
i can't feel its touch.

i can remember how it felt,
the smooth yet knife-like edge
slicing open my dense skin.

i can remember that feeling,
i yearn for it to come back
and haunt me.

i can remember the sweet release,
the deep incision
and i want it back.

yet i cannot remember how it felt,
i cannot feel the cold glass
that was once there.

but i want it back.
i can't imagine what the sting felt like,
although i've felt it
so many times before.

i feel lost without it,
like it has it's place on my skin
and deserves to be there.

i do want it back,
i ache for it deeply
to pierce me again.

please give me the strength to bring it back.
Amanda Kay Burke May 2019
I am afraid I'll be sad forever
Nothing brings out a smile
When I am down I often forget
It is only for a while
I am scared I'll never be fixed
My broken heart will never mend
When it's aching it feels like
Pain might not ever come to an end
I fear my instability
Urges to make a deep incision
Temporary emotions pushing me
Towards a permanent decision
Never make permanent choices based on temporary feelings
Leal Knowone Apr 2015
The fragility of the heart is the closest certainty I know
I used to think a broken heart was a hyperbola
give a description of your remission  
the loudest sound of all love unspoken
yet we always hear the sound of love broken
and if  you repair something broken
it is never the same even if the flaws are never seen
the more it breaks the harder it will be to pawn off as being in  perfect condition
if you sew up an incision you will most likely see a scar

— The End —