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Timothy Ward Jul 2020
Quiet silent
Masked n senseless
Covid marches
On relentless

Matters not
We’re friend or foe
Destroyed are all
Of “Jericho”

Six-fifty thousand
Dead to date
And yet no sign
This will abate

To mask - or not
Is grounds to fight?
When Covid kills
All weak n slight

We’re dying today
At one-a-minute
Desperate for a
Silver bullet

Perhaps we are
But chimpanzees
Just a tad less
Fancy free!
Back after a looong hiatus:))
  Nov 2019 Timothy Ward
Force not,
the coming of the ink.

Judge not,
what you feel and think.


Then put nib to paper
and make your mark.

Let what flows
be brazen and stark.
  Nov 2019 Timothy Ward
Open mind

but closed doors.

Take my breath.

And make it yours.

  Nov 2019 Timothy Ward
Cut me loose

     from these strings

          that bind.

So I might again

     exercise the freedom

          of mind.

  Apr 2019 Timothy Ward
What he didn’t say
with voice,
he spoke clearly
with tears
that never left

his eyes.

Timothy Ward Oct 2017
i cannot
stay stuck
when time froze
at 7:07
as my world
came crashing
down and
tear-filled icicles
pierced this
Timothy Ward Oct 2017
how much more
will these eyes tear
how much more
will this heart fear
how much more
will this voice quiver
how much more
will these hands shiver
how much more
can one child grieve

much more it is
to find reprieve
This started off as a re-edit of a previous poem to put myself in a more positive mindset. I am truly fatigued from the grieving and want to come UNSTUCK. I know that words matter - they move armies and people and hearts and minds - and they can move states of minds too! I hope I am able to help myself thanks to the support of all of you - I am still stunned each day that life is so different now. I am an ADULT in every sense of the word - there is no safety net now! I must accept the reality and move forward gently
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