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Hamies Apr 2020
Just like a supernova we had to explode
our massive admiration had come to an end
of its beautiful life span
& our nova was brighter than any other cosmic event
enhanced with lilac and bluish hydrogen colors
so enormous, making it look like a whole new galaxy
but like all massive stars we turned into a black hole
swallowing every star coming in our way
and as much of a mystery we will remain
as much of a apocalypse we will stay
and maybe if the milky way would've been closer to our collision
we could've been a celestial ellipse
in a universe filled with endless stars

and as typical for a black hole, space and time collapse when we touch the event horizon
and we become one magical unexplainable element with each other
so powerful that when time slows down
there won't be any other thought than your silhouette dancing from one star to another
catching the last remaining particles of love rotating around our supermassive black hole
in another galaxy we would've been another infinite love story between thousand of star collisions
Muhammad Usama Jan 2020
Orion's shoulder is dimmer now,
And I await a cosmic funeral;
For a beauty that is born of death,
And is every breath a miracle-
Delights me.

And Nature's diadem-
That I swear my allegiance to,
Thus makes me wonder

How in myriad flavors, comes beauty;
Like the sight of your love from afar,
The warmth of falling tears, the twinkle,
Or the death of a glorious star-
That once boldly shone;
But as a graveless corpse now rests

In the void, alone.
Juno Dec 2019
It was one sentence
That I read.
It reduced me to tears

I wanted to scream
And laugh,
Because there is hope after all.
I actually reacted like this when finishing Marissa Meyers’ Supernova (Renegades Trilogy). If you know, you know!
N Nov 2019
I looked up at
the starry sky

A lone dying star
has greeted me,

and I promised that
I will see her soon
I have met this star twice now.
Sarah Aug 2019
I want to thank each of the stars
and all of the galaxies
for letting me have you in my life
because with you,
I shine brighter than the brightest
Sabila Siddiqui Jul 2019
We are stars wrapped in skin,
a universe in ecstatic motion
that has a heart pulsating
like a supernova
and eyes made of stardust
that shines bright in the darkness.
Thoughts like candlelights,
flickering on and off.

So protect your light,
protect your flame
from the ice of others.

Let it burn,
let it burn brighter
Let it burn,
from within till it’s out.
Let your light shine,
whatever form it maybe.
neo Jul 2019
i want to touch you
and feel you close to me

i want to dive deep into your eyes
and into your soul

i want to come near you
and tell you how much i adore you

how i adore you and the way you shine
in contrast to the dark sky enveloping us all the time

i want to love you
but i can't

i can't love you when all eyes are watching from all corners of the earth

i can't love you when all the other stars shine brighter than me

i can't love you

not when it means that to love you would mean to come near you

once we collide there's no turning back

as beautiful as an explosion that we may be, i'm scared to lose myself just trying to love you
i'm sorry but i can't
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