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Juno Dec 2019
It was one sentence
That I read.
It reduced me to tears

I wanted to scream
And laugh,
Because there is hope after all.
I actually reacted like this when finishing Marissa Meyers’ Supernova (Renegades Trilogy). If you know, you know!
Stephanie Lynn May 2015
you run through my mind like water
cleansing any good left in this world
showers of emotions that cannot be restrained
down upon my heart do they rain
and in seeking shelter from the storm
i find myself in the trap you've created
left with no option but to strip myself down and now my soul is naked
though i stopped answering your calls
i remember how good you felt inside me
soon i am prisonor at war that's been taken
(and you always seem to find me)

what say you? you crazy man of a fool
i've sent you packing straight to hell
(though i've been there a few times too)
it's when the chill in the air becomes too cool
that i feel the need to be abused by you
and the pain in the pleasure is worth the ravishing beating
we say it's love, but what's the true meaning?
when two souls are colliding because they've come out of hiding just to give way to waters receding

you say i'm your revolution
that i am the sun to your earth
i say some lies are worth believing
(yet they always seem to work)
a round of applause to the love
that always makes it hurt
a standing ovation to the taste of your kiss
that always makes it worse
because you will always leave
and i will always turn away
but you will always be back
and i will always vow to stay

what's the meaning any way?
an addict never tells the truth they say
shoot me with your broken promises any day; right in the veins
the high is a euphoria i can't explain
we've everything to lose
we've nothing to gain
i am addicted to your madness
you are addicted to my pain

rebels in a world that isn't ours
we set the standards; there are no bars
there is no sun to set; there are no stars
there is just us

whoever we are
(C) Maxwell 2015

— The End —