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What is it that I breathe now?
What is it that I feel now?
There's a voice in my head..
There's a face in my mind..
There's a warmth in this air..
There's a name on my lips..
I breathe you in this air..
I feel your warmth in the wind..
I hear you in my head..
I see you in my mind..
Yes, there's a name..
And it's yours..
Some feelings.. Some distance..
It Was Time..
I Pulled Her Towards Me..

Then I Made Her Promise..
To Not Let No One Know..

I Leaned Forward..
And Whispered In Her Ear..

I Am The Batman!

I Trusted Her!
The Batman has grown into become one of my fav super heroes..
And this is, to that.
They waited.
They waited long enough..

There he was..
Their bundle of joy..

He hadn't breathed yet..
And now he never will..

Tears won't justify the pain..
Only time will tell..

Show them.. Healing..
A simple act of kindness..

They wait again..
Dedicated To the parents who lose their babies even before they've seen daylight.. The pain is unbearable.. The loss is irreplaceable.. A hug and prayers to you all!
All you need is a Vision
and Will Power to make it happen..
You don't have to see It..
Just Feel..!

I wasn't going to lose her..
Because, Destiny Follows You..
She loved it the moment I said that to her.
If I ever tell you how much I love you in three words,
Forgive me, I lied.
Because words fail me in your grace.
Love, it's beautiful.
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