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PAAA May 2018
A white sheet of paper;
But not for long

Four old red stripes
Enter quickly; followed
By seven blue ones above
And below the horizon
-in no order yet

Pastel green and greyblue
Paint summer sky; Emerald
And cobalt present themselves
As ocean; last daylight
Shines in sangria and ruby; reflecting
In the blue spreading cosmos

Turning the page ocean gets
Darkest night and the sun
Sails away on a red boat with
A shining black sail, just like life
Life is full of turning points and there can always be the last one, so enjoy life!
Chiquita Apr 2018
She was sad,
She needed someone who cared.
She went into her room
Just like every night
And held onto him
She cried her heart out
Though she never spoke
He could understand everything
He knew her better than anyone else
People would think she's crazy
But she knew better
She knew he knew
He'd been watching her from a child
Yet he never judged her
Teddy was always there for her.
People who hold their Teddy bears for comfort will understand this
Chiquita Apr 2018
She looked so happy that you can't tell
Under that smile was a hurricane;
She wore a mask that looked real to the eye;
But underneath it was the scars she hides;
Every pain she felt was hidden in her smile,
The more pain she felt the more she smiled ;
She laughed so loudly ,
That no one knew she was lonely;
She showed herself as whole,
Skillfully hiding the hole;
She never cried she never tried,
All she did was hide it and smile;
Her hurt was stronger than her smile ,
Her emptiness was deeper than her laugh,
She never moaned she never swore,
Cause she was strong and had hope
So all she did was smile.
Stay strong. Everything will be over soon
Vianna Jan 2018
If you don't talk
you write
if you don't write
you think
and if you think too much
you die.
Please find a way to write or talk.
Rylie Lucas Dec 2017
I knew someone one day
and the next they were gone
no one knew where they went
they vanished like snow

snow melts on a warm day
and melts into the earth
my someone's personality
did just so

so now I sit here
wondering where you went
knowing that one day
it'll snow again

hopefully, you'll come back
when the snow falls again
because if snows around
then you're around
and there are no more fears

you make my day much better
distract me from my life
but just now I realized
that my someone is me
that someone is my happy side

so now that I know
that I can be alive
no more depression for me
my suicide will subside

I'll be happy once more
able to see with new eyes
the world in which I live in
will finally come alive.
Stop being depressed and suicidal, wake up, and open your eyes. Because one day you'll see that seeing the world in color is amazing
Ann Heart Nov 2017
I scream into the cosmos
I wonder how a sky full of jewels could exist in a world so bent on Taking the sparkle out of my eyes
I cry out for reason
I find the subtle silence is all around me
It catches my attention
I stare into the cosmos
The stars tell me to live
Life Gets Better. I will say it hundreds of times and I mean it.
Marissa Nov 2016
Thank you Twenty One Pilots for all you've done for the broken people.
You've cured some of the ones who have tried their suicidal session.
You've shown us that you know what it feels like to suffer.
You've told us that the hardest nights will get brighter when the sun comes up, and we can try again.
You've been a friend when we've needed one the most.
You've described the destructive thoughts as metaphors that we can find hope from.
You've combined ukulele music with screamo and made it art.
You've given us lyrics to find the motivation to keep going.
You've told us to stay alive, so that's what we do.
Stay alive |-/
Crimsyy Aug 2016
Would you use this scalpel
as I'd tell you to?
Would you dig a hole
in my veins?

In this instance, right away, now
please, get this disease out of me,
you will hear no sirens,
you'll only see the tears running.

In this instance, right away, now
please, understand that the hands
of my mind have turned violent.
They shake me up and bend me
until saliva meets bone
and all I've eaten for dinner today
is "fresh air",
smells of petrichor,
oh how can my mind not adore
temporary starvation?

Realise I do not want this,
I do not want to die...
But the doubts and fears
in my head continously multiply.

Desperation meets bone,
my current body is no home,
not like any "home" I've known,
and I wish I could "move out"
but I'm stuck in this skin...
please plant some seeds into me..

And then...
Use this scalpel
as I tell you to,
confiscate my blade,
make me stay,

And then I will remain.

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