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bee Jul 2016
maybe someday i'm going to wake up
and someday maybe i'll feel okay
and maybe it won't be tomorrow
but maybe that hope of someday
will be the hope that keeps me here
song i'm listening to: truce by twenty one pilots
Leo May 2016
he told me we weren't afraid to die
we wouldn't
not if we believed in heaven
and i'm trying so hard to believe right now

and they say your life
flashes before your eyes
but all i can see is the water
getting closer and closer

i wanted to die, i wanted to die
all until i stepped into the air
then the river no longer welcomed me
and fear flooded my veins

i wanted to die
but when i reached death
i didn't
stay alive.
Schlemmy Apr 2016
There's nothing between you and that ledge.
I'm telling you now, there's not.
It's seven more inches of empty space filled with despair and anguish.
But there is something else that I will tell you.
After that ledge, there's a drop.
Yards upon yards of regret leading into an empty blackhole, for that is what you will become.
A blackhole in someone's memories, you will become a raging storm, swallowing their memories of you up and leaving nothing but the empty space of regret, regret, regret.
So no, there is nothing between you and the legde, but perhaps someone else's future lays over the edge.
Leslie Foster Jan 2015
It's kind of ironic, isn't it?

We're just a bunch of suicidal kids telling other suicidal kids to stay alive.
We spend so much of our time focusing on the needs of others, making sure that they'll be okay.
When we're withering away in the darkness of our own minds.

How are you supposed to help others stay alive if you can't even yourself?
Adam Kobosky Jan 2015
They tell you life has many paths you
just have to find yours.
If you think it doesn't have twists
and turns, then you haven't tried anything new.
There's cracks and bumps and even
people on the side who ask to walk along you.
It's all your choice to accept them or leave them.
The path to greatest is not supposed to be straight.
Every time you choose something
your current path is split in two and you move on.
You might think what if I didn't
do this would I be even different?
Thats up to you to decide.
It's not a race to finish the road.
It never was.
It's meant to have your eyes ahead and keep
on moving forward because that's life.
I know this very cliché, but I wrote
it while I was depressed during my
finals of last year in college. I thought
I was going to fail so I cheated.

— The End —