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Lilly F Sep 2019
like the sky was feeling sad after the sun left
so the moon sprinkled little white gems and sparkles from moondust
to make the darkness feel lighter

haven't seen a starlit night in a while.
Gabriel burnS Jun 2017
Endless ocean in the sky
Billions of glowing eyes
Watching us
Yet mine
Are locked with yours
And open are the doors
To worlds,
Secrets of the universe
pretty old one, that
you were ready for a conflict that never ended–
teeth bared, fists clenched, furious and broken,
spitting blood
on the image of a one-day corpse of yourself that
always threatened to become reality.
you learned to love with your claws out,
battling self hatred the way most people
have to deal with traffic on their way to work—
you hid your vulnerabilities like a lost lover, smiled so wide that it could tuck pain into your back pocket without anyone ever noticing,
but even so,
your heart rate never slowed down
because it set its pace with how fast you struggled to
outrun yourself, an agony you never asked for,
and no matter how much time you spent in the shower,
your heart will always have the stench of someone else’s misplaced guilt.

there is this though:
the sting of an open palm will fade
the slamming doors will only be the wind
the abuse will no longer rule your mind
the dust will settle
one day, i promise, you will be able to lay down your armor
but for now i understand why distrust is braided into every fiber of your being
kids like us
we speak a language they can never learn.

– *(i know the wars you fought, i fought them too)
stuff from my upcoming book
Kerri Jul 2015
Together, we walk through the red midnight,
soaking our hearts in each other's tears,
releasing our fears into the starlit sky,
wishing them away, one by one, into the dusk.

Together, we ride upon the fluorescent moon,
indulging in each other's madness,
feeding each other the sanity we crave,
and closing the wounds that only love can heal.

Together, we dance in the amber rain,
purifying our souls and washing the pain away,
renewing ourselves and unleashing our hearts from their cocoons.

Together, we glide with the innocence of angels
tasting perpetual serenity.

Together, we hold time in our hands,
and crush it gently until the pieces blow away.

Together...we share tonight.
This is another poem I wrote when I was 17 that is very special to me!
Shin Apr 2014
She tastes like the sun
that our bitter lives made.

And perhaps this truth
is why we can't be saved.

For the starlit girl
speaks against our false truths.

Not so innocent,
yet full of passion's youth.

The lunar eclipse
is not enough for her.

We are the disease.
And she? She is the cure.

— The End —