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Guntang Jul 2020
all about
shots were fell
lighted splinters beyond
turning nuance
from nuance
into now
Amanda Hawk Jul 2020
Don’t ask me to thank you
For splintering me apart
Until I am only slivers
To pick your teeth with
Jagged are these words
And I am the one torn
Tape only lasts so long
Then you are falling apart again
So keep your promises
Your actions tell me otherwise
Yuki Jan 2019
What I like about diamonds
are their splinters,
the thorns of the rose
you picked up in winter.
Danielle Jul 2018
Splinters jabbed deep over time
It was just a drop that dripped out
That miserable first time
Now a river cuts through me.
How do I turn off the tap?
I'm really not sure that Doldrum is what the name of this poem should be, but I'm having a terrible time actually coming up with something else. Suggestions very welcomed at this point.
baby since you don't
love me anymore
I feel splinters of pain
in my heart's core

you went away leaving
an aching so deep
why couldn't you stay
close to my keep

the void of emptiness
brings no elation
only the essence
of soul deprivation

baby them splinters
baby them splinters
baby them splinters
baby them splinters

you've gone and won't
ever be back
your love for me
but a destitute shack
The piece was inspired by a friend, she suggested that I write a poem about splinters...and this is what I came up with.
Iska Mar 2018
Nothing is WRONG

I live through the CRACKS

I am splinterig
I’m Falling apart
I am shattering
My splintered old heart

I am faint
I am frail
Am I even here?
Who can tell?

I am a flicker
A faint blur
Is this pain worth it?
I’m no longer so sure
Silverthorn Feb 2016
There's a cross above, beside, below my bed
The splinters get stuck in my head
If I could get them out and in a row
I'd build a boat with them and catch the flow
Make sails from the pages that I've read
Then wings for when the world ends
But the words are wrapped around the wood
Though I would free them, if I could
Arlo Disarray Nov 2015
Your paper mache face slowly disintegrates and falls from your cardboard bones
The salt from the pools in your eyes create sharks with heavy appetites, looking for something to bite, and you look tasty

Your wooden eyes have begun to rot and splinter the inside of your eyelids
And the wood shards create stitches, leaving your tear ducts swollen and pinned to the rest of your surrounding skin

The porcelain inside my mouth creates lies with every light it reflects as it shines
And the moon is the only one who really knows what it is that I want out of life
The chilly, stone lips pucker up to give me a kiss, so cold on my skin that I freeze up from it

The fact remains, we're always going to be oil and water
Two things that just don't mix
That's chemistry, babe, which is something I'm pretty sure we are supposed to have
And if it isn't there, why did we bother to take this class for zero credits?
I think most of you ****.
Liv Aug 2014
Reach gently to those around you. You never know who is shattered and waiting to fall to the floor in splintered pieces.
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