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We drive through the dark
to her home,
radio lulling small back seat bodies,
so late that our DJs have hushed
and only the rustling burr
of an AM station remains,
in and out like consciousness
with songs of eternal love,
bread of heaven
ar hyd y nos
Sara Nabeel May 2020
I’ve spent my entire life to discover
That I can’t find better friend another
Than my companion through thick & thin
Who else could be, Other than mother.

She knows me more than anyone does
Shows in the ways, she cares and loves.

She has always been there for me
Fears in my eyes, she can foresee
Her soothing words, a source of peace
Head In her lap helps tensions release

Whenever I go through despair or suffer
She doesn’t leave my side until I recover
She is my teacher, my reformer & guide
In her, I always comfortably confide

Dear Ammi

Thanks for teaching life skills,which include:
For countless blessings express gratitude
Trying to find Allah’s pleasure in solitude
This helps to keep faith strong & renewed
While dealing with others never be rude
And people’s privacy, never intrude

Teaching, Difficulties are a part of life
Stressing, Faith in Allah shall suffice
Can’t value enough, your suggestions wise
Indeed, Under your feet my paradise lies

May You live with health and peace
May Best for both your worlds decreed
Always Love and respect your mother
Like her, You’ll never find any other
Francie Lynch May 2018
They carried us
Through gestation,
Or took us in
Without hesitation.
Our coming
Was a celebration,
Mothers are our affirmation.
They deliver.

When we're quiet
From travails,
She makes time
For school-yard tales.
The warmth of sunshine
Shyly pales
To her prevailing arms.

She feared for us
Til eyes dried out;
Stayed home alone
When we left her house,
Waiting by the door.
A balm and living cure.

When Moms do well
All can tell
The Madonna-like connection.
No need to forgive,
We'll always grieve,
They've loved us
Since conception.
Happy Mother's Day.
Francie Lynch Apr 2018
She clung to me like willow shade,
With one step I'm in the sun;
If my day got hot and hazy,
I knew where to run.

She dropped a force field round me,
From ground up to my crown;
I burrowed once beneath her,
But I was digging down.

I want to cross the street.
I want to ride a bike.
I want to stay til morning,
To keep with her all night

I listen for the breathing;
A sign from her eyes;
I want her lips to move and lie,
Only babies cry.

She lay with no reply.
My willow waned and died;

— The End —