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Akshi Hargoon Feb 28
In the calmness of the sea
I see nothing but you
You capture my every sense
Your composure, as calm and breathtaking as the waves kissing the sand
A tinge of roughness but care not to destroy its beauty
Your voice, oh, like a marvelous symphony in my ear
Each word taken in deliciously in bated breaths
My eyes look upon you with devouring intent
Your lips, your smile could bring the changing tides to a halt
The ball of fire in the sky dulls in comparison to your aura
One touch from you - I am a barren land filled with springs transforming into a flowing river
I flourish in your presence - in your absence I'm desolate
Laurent Apr 2015
It is necessary to know how to tame her,
Shy, careful, secret and reserved,
Not very comfortable in a crowd.
She possesses this discreet charm,
You cannot forget as a viral load.
Natural, simple, reliable in her feelings,
She needs proofs to be reassured.

Her attitude is sensible and direct,
An inner life is rich of her life's striking,
Where her intellectual sphere takes it,
By the elegance of her sparkling creativity,
Under the power of her own meditations.
She is so rational, ironic and critical,
By her genuine metaphysical reflections.

She is constantly building on her intuition,
In the area of integrating life's solutions.
She thinks of being late, but just accurate,
Worried in pleasing and in being loved,
But just forgets she is part of human being.

You can trust her blindly,
Because in spite of her side to part,
So different and so warm,
That can perturb you,
And walk away from both of you.

She remains your half for all eternity,
Even if today this Love has dried up,
Keep her sharing gift to love yourself,
To be yourself, and nothing else !

— The End —