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Emanuel Jul 2016
How many times
Must I open my heart to find
It locked from the other side?
How many times must I open my heart
To be met by lies?
How many times must I cry
Before I realize I'm wasting My?
No, my heart stays open for days
And it will stay this way
I'm not a slave to likes or wage
**** the blind stay out of my way
I have people to save, I say
My words are for those who listen
Whether I like you or not we can have a sit-in
We are all children of love, none ungifted
******* if you say that by my skin, creed, or *** I deserve no longer to get lifted
Get a ******* grip kid
Whether you're 20 or old and forgotten you're spoiled rotten
Your only salvation is to be honest
Stop lying to impress those most lost
It's your sacred life that be the cost
What a price to pay for mindless talk
But fear not
For if your intent be love you cannot be lost
Wake up, if you forgot
Stay strong, if you have not
I love both sides
The wanderers and the lost
Emanuel Mar 2016
I am who I'm being
And that is bound to change
But being I shall always be
Only that shall stay the same
Emanuel Jan 2016
The girls are yawnin
My tired eyes awake
And the perspective is yawning
Melting, away into a new bright space
Keeping turning the mind and it shapes
Every thing I choose to identify, no lie
That it matters is important, no doing die
What means this? Get a clue it is hints
Placed in the mind by the mine inside it
Freedom, love, peace, freedom, love
What you should think of
Of think should what you?
Emanuel May 2015
I feel so tie-red
Making me want to smoke the ganj
To free myself of obligation
But wait
I am already.
Take ease.
I am able to do what I want.
Be free.
Go sit
Emanuel May 2015
She stands there like a goddess in the myst
Truth is she's the goddess and the myst
Every single plot twist
Every vengeful fist

She is the all encompassing mother of creation
The source of all of your frustration
The train station, police man, "late-ing"
She's the one who tells you

Stop waiting.

And come find me.

I am everywhere but will you ever see all of me?
The Man gazes contently at Her everlasting beauty
He wonders if, truly, he will find every piece
But alas, it matters not - she's him, he's her

Infinity is nothing
Without a conscious observer.
Emanuel May 2015
Not needing to be one way
So free to be any way
Like a tree in the wind sway
Happy going every way

Not quite
The only way
That you say
Only that way

Haha, I sound crayzay
Speech little like throaway
But the insight's there past the tensory
The routine letting go of my mystery

So I say **** it to history
Be here now, inhale the spirit story
Same as it's always been
Always here to live for me
Emanuel May 2015
Little bit
Large bit
Infinite dip
Colors n' ****
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