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Shreya May 4
His shell is a hard rock,
His speed is the ticking clock,
His sneeze is sometimes a shock,
And his skin is a soft sock.
He is greener than the grass,
And his eyes are a transparent glass,
I ask,
Toto you like to bask?
Sorry if it's bad... I wrote this in 2015 when I was in 5th grade ^^
Shreya Mar 22
Days turn into night,
Nights turn into days,
A lot was on going on,
But there was nothing much to say.

At least I knew I was alive,
For sometimes I doubt my existence,
From going unheard to not caring one bit,
Were people who I envied and listened to the most.

Every day as these memories pass,
I think about who I am,
Hiding myself in disguise,
It seems like I’m trapped in a can.

But is it that hard to have someone by your side?
When I’m in pain,
They just don’t seem to notice it,
And I only want someone to call my name.

These memories I hold are not quite pleasant to hear about,
But I hope someday I would not have to be a ‘Personality in Disguise’ anymore.

For those whom I love,
I wish you could understand me,
And accept me for being myself,
‘Cause someone else can’t be me.

For all these memories that I hold,
I wish I could be myself again,
I hope not to be,
A ‘Personality in Disguise’ tied to a chain.

— The End —