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Ian Dunn Dec 2020
Not every superhero wears a mask
Some can only wear a smile
Showing that they understand another's problems
As they work to guide people out of the dark

Not every superhero has gadgets
Some of them wear bright vests
announcing to the world that help is on the way
as smoke and debris fills the air

Not every superhero wears a cape
Some of them wear surgical masks and gloves
Struggling every day to make a difference
against overwhelming odds

Not every superhero has superpowers
Most of them are ordinary people
that when the world was ending, stopped
and asked "How can I help?"
Mark Toney Apr 2020
Among mankind's best—
Brave, courageous
Heroes who do no harm
Assuaging our fear
With fellow feeling and care
Amidst viral strains' stealthy swarm

Among mankind's worst—
Mean, dastardly
Zeros who do know harm
Stoking pandemic fear
Scamming the unsuspecting ear
With a smiling swindler's charm

Heroes & Zeros
Best and worst of mankind—
What a dichotomy!
We'll keep hoping instead
For a bright future ahead
Daily coping with anxiety

© 2020 by Mark Toney. All rights reserved.
4/12/2020 - Poetry form: Rhyme - © 2020 by Mark Toney. All rights reserved.

— The End —