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Robby Nov 2019
Am I a bad guy if I break the rules
I don’t like being told what not to do
Let me learn … let me experience

Your laws are meaningless to me
I will find the loopholes
I will exploit the flaws in your logic

I can’t make myself not
It’s my compulsion
My need to wear the black hat

I will sneak in and see your secrets
Your protections can’t stop me
I will root you if I desire
Writing is my therapy but nerdy computer stuff pays my bills. This is my effort to put the two together.
Dave Scott Dec 2016
Death Shallows at the door
Forever Present for what's in store
Our Eyes can't see for what's to come
Feel the burning bush and silent hum
The grim reaper knows no bounds
Black drapes over light to disappear here and now

In the world of darkness, you look forward to the light
A time from now see will flicker and bright
But for now you are a child in the black
Waiting for the creator to manifest a hack

Dawn of Lighten Oct 2015
My real name is not of any importance,
other than the people who know me by it.

My work alias is simply to convey who I am,
And without a struggle I hope people can say a nick name common to their tongue!

When I go online I use a screen name,
So the crazies I can hold back with certain level of privacy of who I am.

With the current digital age comes with sharing information,
And too easily accessible with in the finger tips.

Truly those who read my inks will know who I am,
Like writing to a pen pal,
Computer screens keep us distant,
But in that black screen is a window to people's mind,
And understand connecting with people by their ink is far closer than a name!

Until you can invoke their inner child by their real name!
There are many reasons why we choose to share our names,
And by the response to our names invoke certain emotions,
I choose to be intimate by our birth name,
Because it invokes from our childhood comfort.

From this digital to Information Age,
even real names can be dangerous for people to hold,
Then ask yourself should you be naked in front of them ?

Updated I believe we surpassed digital age now to Information Age, so has been reflected by the title, but if I were to guess next age, I would assume nano age where nano technology would reign supreme!
Nickols Jan 2015
I've taken special precaution to protect myself.
Meaning, I don't give my email to people I do not know.
My phone number is clutched to my chest.
Even my real name is never disclosed.

I live by pseudonym.
or simply just Panda.
If that's not to your liking.
or even Vea.
I have lots of names,
all of them a mouthful
as they roll off your tongue.

I live with precautions,
to keep people at bay.
Too many idiots and pervert
But that's not the worst,
heathens and **** dwell
as well.
People who are working the angles
to make a quick buck or two
off the naive and the unknowing.

So learn from me well;
live with precautions.
Keep people at arms length,
because then, and only then,
can they not
sink their teeth in.
Watch out for scammers. They are lurking around on HelloPoerty.  Never disclose your private information to ANYONE on the internet.
What's so illegal about wanting to marry?
What's so illegal about not wanting that weight to carry?
What's so illegal about inhaling the pain away?
What's so illegal about not living another day?

Our choice, our freedoms, once all in the same.
Now apposed by laws and wars and the Government's games.
War on drugs, anti-gay marriage,
No more abortions might as well lead to "accidental" miscarriage.

Suicides and trespassers both shot in the head,
Hacking games and fake identities, you might as well be dead.
Everything we fear the pessimists then "amend"
Pretending to be gods as if their hands are to be a lend.

What happened to the world when freedom was a lifetime?
Not where fat bellowing rich men made ruling us their pastime.
A rebellion is out of the question,
For people are afraid of more oppression.

Somehow comfortable in homes where brains lie with matrix,
Merely made up of fools who are not creative.
Sick of living in these countries of lies,
Freedom is all I ask but it is what others despise.

What's so illegal about being free?
What's so illegal about being me?

— The End —