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Dave Robertson Sep 2021
No age
no age at all
never a justification
a reason to placate us
just an implacable, non-negotiable theft
of love, histories and too much still to be

the solace, a skinflint’s compensation,
is that for a short while you had them
and they had you
and that was life

but that’s as much as you get
to try to make it through
Zack Ripley Apr 2021
I miss how you used to laugh
And inspired everyone else to do the same.
I miss your fearlessness.  Your curiosity.
I miss how much you loved
to run and play games.
I miss a lot of things.
But what I miss the most is how pure you were.
Like the light from the midnight moon.
You were gone too soon, Innocence.
Cathy Mar 2020
Gone too soon
My heart hurts
Like there isn’t room
For all the love inside
Until it breaks in two
Won’t you take me with you?
colzzmacdonald Feb 2020
Cross that rainbow bridge; hear their immortal call
Gone too soon from this world
Still in prime time to take your place
Where seraphs welcome you with open arms
We feel such loss – where they feel gain.

To the azure sky ordain
Through celestial dreams
Calling us in evensong
With visions of your glowing smile
Flowing through our minds
Nirvana enshrines you
In the rapture of their grace
To be with you, until we meet once more
On a higher plane

Opulent, timeless seasons
Indulge you where you are now
Soar high sweet angel
Your beautiful soul not forgotten
Your memory emblazoned in our lives
Not while you suffered, can we hide
But hold you close – while we wait
Meghan Jul 2019
What reward awaits beyond
What lights shine upon the soul
Those who've suffered long?

Now gone,
Are you running free?
While we grieve, saddened
Crying tears we never let you see

In your place, a candle shines -- but
It will never burn as bright
As the light in your eyes

May you be at rest,  now
Garry Apr 2018
Sometimes I imagine you
cold in the ground
Not because I hate you
and want you to be
But because I love you
and don't want you to be
And it makes me appreciate  
that you are alive and not
And this mono-no-aware
will be with me until I am

— The End —