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Jurtin Albine Nov 2018
People seemingly vanish all the time
But where are they if you're in the same place?
And here I sit still writing within mine
Amidst the candles glow I see your face

There is no curse that cannot be broken
Your aftermath leaves etchings on my heart
That equates to what our love has spoken
The emptiness that feels tears me apart

But here I remain, still, right where I sit
Along on my hands I count the great stars
As the path I must now take back is lit
Back, once more, I go to where this all starts

What has been sleeps peacefully in the past
Tenderly taken by a love at last
Jenny Van Oct 2018
I've been fallen for you
And you know it, baby
You're so tenderly cruel
Entertaining, aren't we?

When I say "I love you."
You're answer shouldn't be
"I believe you, Honey."
Please say that you love me

Why can't you see, Darling
That I belong to you
I'm here, I'm there for you
I'm yours, in every mood
sweet ridicule Sep 2017
I am angry that you took everything I gave you
I wish you had told me to stop and wash the love off of my hands
you could have told me to stop to stop putting my thoughts into your self
to stop painting you over my body over every curve every corner of my brain
maybe I could have been more prepared more empty of you by the time you decided to make me leave
Commuter Poet Jun 2015
What more would I desire?

Crisp Chardonnay, chilling delicately sculptured glass

You kiss my lips tenderly

All my wrongdoings pardoned in one moment,

I begin again

My life-worn body blessed with the fresh promise of opportunity,

You kiss my lips tenderly

Without question, without concealed agenda, a kiss unplanned.

At last to have that moment of intimate secrecy.

I will never forget her passion then,

Will I ever see it again?

Romance is not a thing of invention,

It always was and always shall be.

In Cloister café, I am once again loved

Could new life emerge from my being?

If it could, let it be from a moment of tenderness

A timeless moment of shared unity.

All pasts and futures abandoned in the act of creation.

We kiss tenderly.
Written 19th April 1999
lily Apr 2015
your hands running through my hair
your hands tracing patterns on my skin
your hands cupping my jaw
your hands curled over my hip
your hands sliding over my bare back
your hands gripping my nape
your hands caressing my face
your hands pinning my arms above my head
your hands under my shirt
your hands roaming restlessly, possessively, and tenderly.

— The End —