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I thought by now I'd feel better
The past few months spiraled hard
For answers looked among constellations
My faith put into a tarot card

I have been shook by superstitions
Seduced by the way they sound
Agony altered my belief
No longer a skeptic without you around

Haunt me until I cannot find sleep
Forcefully frightened by your ghost
Your absence spooks instead of strengthens me
Facing the reality of our love reposed
I have always been a believer in the supernatural/mystical elements of this world
Karen Hamilton Feb 2016
I'm afraid to be here
At home all alone
When the man in the dark
Could be roaming so close

I'm afraid to be here
After last night
When the man in the dark
Gave me a fright

I'm afraid to be here
With eyes open wide
If the man in the woods
Is lurking outside

I'm afraid to be here
Tell me why did he come
Look up at my window
Hiding for fun

I'm afraid to be here
Without my best friend
Who witnessed him too
Sent our minds in a bend

I'm afraid to be here
Tell me how does he know
The best way to creep
To see my window

I'm afraid to be here
Tell me why was he here?
A chancer, a pervert
A stalker I fear
© Karen L Hamilton, February 2016
Alan S Bailey Mar 2015
I've got everything figured out,
Now it dawns on me that all this time
I was being used! And I know that I
Was abused, but then all of a sudden
I feel know. That "feeling,"
That paranoid feeling that says "yea, and
You but you did this and that and the other
(I know what you did last
Summer) suuuuure. And so I sit
There re-ensuring all I had my
Needs, couldn't-no-wouldn't let
Myself be until I finally did "IT."
And then I realize I was right,
That I'm just being spooked by
People here who are trying to
Brainwash me at night,
Then it begins again, I knew it!
I was right, I was abused!
But then I feel IT again...

Ain't no way to hide those lyin' eyes...GOD I hate that song.

— The End —