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Johnnie Woods Nov 2019
Terence McKenna claimed
both psychedelics and travels
to be very affective and similiar
tools that help expand the mind.
Connecting these claims
with the observations of Aldous Huxley,
who proposed the mind and the
physical Earth(terrains, continents, landscapes)
to be conjoined with a shockingly strong bond.
We can see Terence's idea
making Huxley's words fuller, more clear,
and more credible.

You can see, one's mind is in a great part shaped by
his everyday environment & actions. Repetitions lead
to the creation of bonds. Revisiting these paths
without a doubt creates a map of some kind.
Johnnie Woods Nov 2019
It is weird, because we, from the one side don't want our situation to be common. Our situation not being common makes us feel special, we become martyts, and it proposes a ruthless version of world, that's an enemy too powerful for us to fight against, and us - "the ones that fought, that tried, but couldn't win because of fatum". It takes away the responsibility.
On the other hand, we like to know that there are other souls out there, that form an unique group with us - sharing our rare pain.
Johnnie Woods Jul 2019
Aborigens looked at the nightsky
and recognised the patterns of darkness
formed by cosmic dust - not constellations.
They saw a gigantic black emu
cutting through the canvas full of stars.
So what is it about our affinity to light,
and tendency to measure things
with light as a reference point?

" Why the light?
     Why not the dark?
     Let's move towards the dark"

Why draw the world with light
Not with shadow?

A new World to see, to bathe
to roam, get lost, dance?
Johnnie Woods Apr 2019
Being naked is like proposing to or dating hundreds of potential partners.
Hence the fear - the deeply rooted fear of rejection that's bound with the worst threat of not finding the other half & prolonging your genes.
Disgusted and derisionful, savage eyes of the crowd judge a vulnerable naked one. They act as an equivalent, less profound though, of powerful,  full-blown rejection from other person.
Johnnie Woods Apr 2019
Hadn't you experienced everything,
How can you truly understand these things?
Johnnie Woods Nov 2018
We live in developed caves. That's what modern habitations are.
Johnnie Woods Nov 2018
Gandalf wasn't scared of any foe he and his team encountered,
except one - the Balrog.
Down, deep below the mountains, in dark caverns of Moria
he had to face his evil twin, his adversary.
Down, deep below, in darkness, he had to overcome his shadow.
This one time, the wise great sage felt true fear,
and had to fight the Balrog alone.
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