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Verse Xscape Oct 2020
At starting line, outspoken
At finish line, heartbroken
You and I were once a token
Now, words are left unspoken

© 2020 Poem by Verse Xscape
artisticAR Sep 2020
Recovered, head down,
knees clenched
Legs still won't walk her home.
Skin wet and heart drenched
listen to words and candid tone
and accepts her returning reverie
with a sip of the bottle of bravery
Yes, it was an awkward time
- amp
Cherry blossoms from slumber awaken,
As she passes by in blithe, lissome grace,
Only to fall to ground, souls forsaken,
To that mesmerising smile on her face.

Stars adorn her shapely neck as diamonds,
The pale moonlight her fair countenance be,
Rubies glowing from western horizons,
Cast a fleeting blush on those cheeks shyly.

I bow down low to this divine spectre,
Trampled blossoms by her feet are Incense,
Hitherto abandoned pen, gold Sceptre,
Myrrh of heart’s blood, become my obeisance.

From the God Himself I seek forgiveness,
For, my verses have made love to His Goddess

— The End —