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He said, "I trust thee"
and in a lost breath,
he captured me.
I lingered in his palm far too long
and fell tightly asleep
in his warmth and need.
Awakened, feeling groggy
and slightly inept,
for I savoured our oneness,
his tears and ultimately
our regret.

I'll walk then run,
To follow that light
I'll savour every step,
The upheavals, I'll fight
to find serenity,
an understanding
to life.
I traffic too much in feelings
I peddle love to fill my doubts
Bags of passion sold to zealots
in crowded bars and pubs.
And then one night you appeared
a smile, a flash of an instant flirt
A pull so magnetic and alluring
I had to follow, to convert...

Twenty five years later, here we are...
and I still remember that night in
that very crowded bar...
Don't come too close
Don't lean in
For we might kiss
and the Ride will begin
I'm scared of heights
Prefer being grounded
For I'll lose my grip
Get hurt and wounded
Then you'll stop the Ride
Abruptly, I'm certain
I'll walk away alone
Because I love you too much
to be a burden
They lay, silent on the ground
awaiting your footsteps
to kick them around.
Those autumn leaves,
their rich colours abound.
Pulse quickens, your palms sweat
city lights mesmerize you
lead you to the path of regrets
where broken hearts welcome you
Love-junkies looking for their fix
Hoping you'll be the one
who'll carry the potion to their lips.
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