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poetryofdhiman Feb 2018
the night falls
behind the curtain of the black sky
with a silver coloured bulb called moon
floating weightlessly in the background,
together with the billions of stars
shimmering like the glow-worms.

the clouds fly here and there
with the joy of becoming grey again
leaving behind the dry memories
of summer and sunny days
hoping to become raindrops again
and fall on the soft leaves of earth.

poetryofdhiman Feb 2018
I like watching how the rocks
float on the wet and dry grounds
along with the time that passes by
I like watching how they break sometimes
how the cracks on them
become visible
but somehow they survive
days and months and years
even when their cracks open up
raindrops and sunshine
enter into their old broken bodies
they bear the pain and stay silent
for they still find their way to stay
for as long as they wish to stay...


— The End —