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Zhaina Angelica Dec 2020
These unspoken words,
Has it really become absurd?
A declaration left unsaid,
Or is it something we both dread?

These hidden words yet to be known,
Concealed expression ought to be shown
Has it sparked a mutual connection?
Or this might just be a case of a one sided confession
Zhaina Angelica Apr 2020
Walk with me,
Because life is much more exciting and elating if you have someone to experience it with, share it with, and enjoy it with

Walk with me,
Not because I'm some damsel in distress
Sometimes, all we need is a little company to get through this labyrinth

Walk with me as you wish,
Although I've already mastered the art of independence and contentment,
No one deserves to be alone forever

Walk with me and let us both wander through the valley of the unknown;
Let us both learn from every journey
And help each other grow!

Walk with me,
Because it takes two to tango;
I’m not asking you to save me
But just....walk with me
for you
Zhaina Angelica Dec 2019
As I lay here, empty can in hand
This haze I ought to withstand
Amazed by the starlit sky
I intend to let this night pass by

Yet beneath these city lights I wonder
How many people out there blunder?
Wearing plastered smiles everywhere
Trying to mask out their despair
Zhaina Angelica Nov 2019
It started with attraction
From then on evolved in connection
It was a recipe for atrophy
Later on, ended in agony

Sparks flew the moment they kissed
Apparently, love should be missed
Together they exceed exuberance
But both knew there is no chance

In a perfect world it may exist
For now, it’s something to resist
While it’s about time they parted
It was fun while it lasted
Zhaina Angelica Nov 2018
Living in a blur
Along this gruelling vigour
Fearing to finally cave,
Into this loud, obnoxious mediation in rave

Is it just me?
Or is there someone out there with the same plea?
Are we these poor souls adrift?
Craving for this languid plight to shift

Can you feel it igniting?
This seemingly endless longing,
Yearning for that pure and genuine bliss
To rise beyond this infernal abyss

Has it been too long?
Have you asked yourself what have you done wrong?
Although we have to believe that there’s an end
In the meantime put that mask on and pretend
#desolation #emptiness #poetry #nostalgia #despondence #inbetween
Zhaina Angelica Nov 2018
Material things don’t entice me
Empty promises don’t  count as a remedy
Flowery words are pleasing to the ear
With apparent intentions clear

Is this just an infatuation?
An effect of my subtle imagination
This relentles game of tug of war
How I wish it wouldn’t end up in a scar

All I know is that I’m tired of this dance
Might as well give us a chance?
You have gone way past this armour
Consistency, that is all I am asking for
Zhaina Angelica Nov 2018
It's like we're these two predestined stars
Bound to clash into one unfortunate,
Yet bedazzling starburst
Yes, it's destructive, but seeing it from afar
It's one of the most remarkable collisions of a lifetime

— The End —